The head of the navy, energetic against Vox after his request for a “naval blockade”: “Our obligation is to save them”

Posted: Thursday November 26 2020 18:31

Admiral Chief of Naval Staff, Teodoro López Calderón, does not see possible to apply a naval blockade of the Canary Islands as proposed by Vox in the face of the current migration crisis and recalled that the “legal obligation and moral “of a warship in case of finding a boat would be the rescue of its occupants.

Vox has demanded in recent weeks the intervention of the armed forces to prevent what she calls a “real invasion of immigration”. “More than 17,000 invaders have already attacked the Canary Islands from Africa and tens of thousands more will if the army is not mobilized,” the formation led by Santiago Abascal said this week.

However, the head of the navy reminded in a meeting with the media that the term naval blockade applies to the blockade of a second country and not to the state itself. But in addition, it ensured that any Navy vessel locating a dinghy would have a “legal and moral” obligation to save its occupants and not hinder their advance.

In this sense, Vox denounces that most of these migrants are launched from mother ships a few kilometers from the Spanish coast. However, the Navy has no evidence of the existence of these ships.

Following the words of Teodoro López Calderón, Santiago Abascal insisted on the need for the armed forces to act in the face of the migration crisis in the Canary Islands and deplored what he considers to be “political considerations” on the part of the head of Marine.

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