the hidden face of the long-awaited COVID vaccination

Vaccination against the coronavirus is progressing by leaps and bounds. Yesterday, the 611,000 doses of vaccine inoculated in Spain were exceeded, and President Pedro Sánchez said last Monday that our country was only 100 days away from achieving group immunity.

Once Spain crosses this threshold, everyday life could look more and more like it did before the pandemic. Proof of this is that the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, claimed that the gradual elimination of the mask could take place in outdoor places “from the month of July or August”

An idea that the Government is already considering with the autonomous communities and which, as certain psychologists point out, can be a relief in a state of mind weakened by the disappearance of certain social activities.

But that couldn’t just mean the end of masks. Effective vaccination would also end social distancing. The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miguel Uribes, has already announced the return of the public to sporting events: “We will again have an audience in LaLiga and in ACB basketball,” said the minister, who clarified that the 30 % of stadium capacity with a maximum of 5,000 people.

An approach to normality that psychologists also warn about: there are people for whom it could have the opposite effect, because there are those who decide to stay at home to avoid situations that could put them in danger. .

In order to reduce these possible fears, experts recommend facing them through successive approaches, while reaffirming the importance of empathy so that greater social interaction does not generate problems between those who are happy with the change and those who are happy with the change. who could suffer from it.

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