The high positions of the Franco army feared a “Communist dictatorship” of “Coletas and the bastard of Sánchez”

Publication: Friday December 4 2020 12:50

New WhatsApp chat messages from the exalted positions of the XIX Air Force reveal their fear of a “communist dictatorship” led by “the bastard of Coletas and the bastard of Sánchez”, according to the conversations he published on Friday. infoFree ‘.

“Will the son of a bitch with the mats and the bastard Sánchez allow the people to vote?” Asks former major general Francisco Beca, the same who spoke of “shooting 26 million son of a bitch” and who signed a controversial letter to the king in defense of the Constitution and against the government.

He does so in response to another member of the group who assures us that “a military declaration is unworkable today”, highlighting the debate on a possible uprising.

This same interlocutor is convinced that the economic crisis, as happened with Zapatero, will cause a change of color within the government. “Remember how, in view of the ZP disaster, the people gave the absolute majority to Rajoy, who unfortunately turned out to be a frog,” we read.

At that point, the conversation gave rise to discussions of the “Communist dictatorship”, although Beca and the interlocutor the newspaper does not identify are celebrating that “we are in Europe, luckily, and they will not let go. a communist dictatorship to enter their countries “.

“They would turn off the tap of money to the Spanish state, and without money and with poverty, the people will never support these madmen,” they conclude.

“If, on a scale, we put on the left board to have the freedom of demonstration, expression and assembly, and on the right board to not have these three things but to have full employment, the linguistic unity and education, you just have to pay taxes and have very little crime, I take the dish on the right, ”says the unknown talker, in defense of a dictatorship.

According to ‘infoLibre’, this soldier is one of the signatories of the letter to the European Parliament in defense of the Constitution, sent a week before that sent by Felipe VI, where we can read: “The lack of freedom noted in bills, proposals of law, royal decrees and subordinate regulations, promulgated or in the process of being promulgated, we point out that it produces an asphyxiation that we had not felt until now, believing that it goes to against the freedoms to which we are entitled under our Constitution “.

The minister is “ashamed”

The prosecutor’s office has already asked to be identified if any of the participants could be active, which Defense Minister Margarita Robles asked in a subsequent interview on Antena 3: “Absolutely not. These men don’t. are not soldiers. They were. They take refuge in an obvious cowardice. “

“I am very proud of the Armed Forces who lived in residences, with the deceased, with the most vulnerable. The others are people who did not deserve to have worn the military uniform,” she lamented.

Regarding the discussions where they spoke of shooting at pro-independence activists, the government was criticized and even military statements were discussed, the defense chief acknowledged the “shame” that these messages produce. “These are people, who are counting on a condition they no longer have, who claim to be representatives of whatever with a few gossip and letters that embarrass any Democrat,” he said.

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