The hiring of people over 45 drops by 7% and women report it much more

Randstad, number 1 in human resources in Spain and in the world, has studied the current situation of hiring over 45s, a segment that represents 46.8% of the workforce in our country.[1] To do this, he studied data from the Public Employment Service (SEPE) for the first quarter of 2021, comparing them to previous years.

Randstad reveals that the hiring of those over 45 fell 6.9% in the last quarter, with the age segment with the least pronounced decline, around three percentage points lower than the working group, which suffered a decrease of 10%. The hiring collapse of under 25s was 17.3%, while that of professionals between 25 and 45 was 9.3%.

During the first three months of the year, 1,122,255 contracts for those over 45 were signed, which means that around 83,100 contracts were not signed compared to the last quarter of last year .

Hiring of people over 45 in the last quarter of 2020 and in the first 2021

Source: Randstad and SEPE

A decline that particularly affected women in this age group. In three months, the hiring of women workers over 45 fell by 11.2%, while that of their male colleagues fell by only 3.6%.

“Sometimes senior talent is seen as one of the most vulnerable in the job market when in fact they are the main drivers of the economy. During the crisis, moreover, he proves to be fundamental thanks to his experience and high training. Encouraging their employability is very important to ensure that they continue to be an essential part of the long-awaited return to normalcy, ”recommends Valentn Bote, director of Randstad Research.

Permanent hiring increases by 27.6%

Regarding the type of contract, Randstad detects a notable increase of 27.6% in permanent recruitments, from 110,402 signatures during the last three months of 2020 to the current 140,842, i.e. its weight compared to the total of 12.5%, higher to 9.2% of the previous period.

In contrast, temporary hires were reduced by 10.4%, falling below one million contracts, and assuming 87.5% of companies, a percentage lower than the 90.8% in the last three months of 2020.

By analyzing the evolution of the hiring of people over 45 over the last quarters, it is verified that, until the beginning of 2020, this labor market indicator fluctuated around 1.4 million companies.

Evolution of the hiring of people over 45

Source: Randstad and SEPE

But with the start of last year and the outbreak of the pandemic, contract volume fell to 764,287 signatures in the second quarter, the worst hit by the crisis. Since then, the indicator has risen, surpassing 1.2 million contracts in the last three months of 2020, to drop 6.9% in the last quarter.

The service sector represents 52.2% of contracts for people over 45

This study also analyzed the evolution of hiring according to the sector of activity. Randstad points out that the service sector is the one that employs the most professionals over 45, or around 586,000 companies, or 52.2% of all contracts in this segment. Agriculture represents 25.6%, with 287,321 companies, followed by industry with 12.1% (135,501 contracts) and construction, 10.1% (113,802).

Temporary hiring by sector

Source: Randstad and SEPE

Regarding the variations from the fourth quarter of last year, construction, with an increase of 13.1%, and industry, with 1.6%, were the last sectors in which it increased. hiring people over 45. On the other hand, the volume of hires in agriculture fell by 5.6% while in the service sector it fell by 12.2%.

Change in temporary hires by sector compared to the previous quarter

Source: Randstad and SEPE

Balearic Islands and Murcia, the only communities where recruitment is growing

The study revealed considerable differences depending on the autonomous community where the professional works. Randstad points out that the Balearic Islands, with an increase of 3.1%, and the region of Murcia, with 2.8%, were the only communities in which the hiring of professionals over 45 has increased compared to the fourth quarter 2020.

Andalusia (-3.2%), Cantabria, Catalonia (both with -3.9%) and the Community of Madrid (-5.3%) are already recording decreases, although less marked than the average national (-6.9%). With falls above the average appear Aragn (-8.8%), Canaries (-11.8%), Extremadura (-12.4%), Euskadi (-12.7%), Castilla-La Mancha (-14, 7%) and Castilla y Len (-15%).

On the other hand, the most marked drops in the country in the hiring of people over 45 took place in Galicia (-23.2%), in the Valencian Community (-19.6%) and in Navarre ( -16.8%).

Hiring of people over 45 by autonomous community

Source: Randstad and SEPE

In terms of volumes, Andalusia (348,781), Catalonia (130,468) and the Community of Madrid (119,039), recorded the largest in the country, all above 100,000 signatures, their sum being 53.3% of all contracts of people over 45 years of age throughout the country.

At the provincial level, Granada, with a notable increase of 52.9%, leads the growth in the hiring of people over 45 compared to the last quarter, followed by Jan (8.6%), Girona (7, 8%) or Huesca (3.5%). At the other extreme, with the heaviest falls, are Vila (-33.3%), Castelln (-27.8%) and Segovia (-22%).

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