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Home Remedies for Heat Rash: – Summer season is very hot. It causes itching and stinging. Some home remedies can be done to get relief.

The problem of heat rash becomes common during summer. Due to the heat rash, there is a lot of itching on the back, along with burning sensation. In such a situation the person remains restless until he gets cool. You can get rid of prickly heat by using some household items.

Indeed, when the heat erupts. So the problem of heat spots on the body begins. These include small pimples on the back, arms and body. Which starts to sting and it also comes itching. Heat spots make it difficult for a person to sit, stand, and sleep. Because the body touches somewhere. Then it starts to bite. So you have to adopt some home remedy. Which will help you get relief from heat spots soon.

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Cucumbers will give cooling –

Cucumber is very beneficial for the body in summer. Consuming it cools the body. It can also be used to get rid of prickly heat. To do this, dip a lemon in a glass of water and put small pieces of cucumber in it and after a while put these pieces on the cut heat and rub it lightly with your hands. This will reduce the inflammation caused by the thorny heat and relieve the itching.

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Coconut oil will give you relief

Coconut oil is very helpful in getting rid of skin related problems. So, mix desi kapoor in coconut oil and massage lightly instead of thorny heat. This will get rid of the prickly heat and instead of burning, there will be a feeling of coolness.

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Relief from aloe vera

Aloe vera is very beneficial for the body. Remove the aloe vera pulp and apply it on the pimples and leave it for about half an hour. Then rinse with water. You can do this twice a day. Doing this procedure for a day or two will bring a lot of relief.

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Use Malta soil

Malta soil is very beneficial in prickly heat or other skin related problems. You mix the multa clay in a bowl and apply the paste over a steamy heat. Add rose water if possible. Applying this paste will make you feel cool in a short time and will also relieve itching.

Apply turmeric paste –

Adding turmeric in hot weather is also very beneficial. For this, take equal quantity of fenugreek seeds, turmeric and salt and apply it on your body before bathing. Then take a shower when it starts to dry. Doing this remedy even once a week will give you a lot of relief.

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