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the essentials The young Toulouse shoots dominated Perpignan this Sunday, June 6th, in the championship final. Led in the break, the “red-blacks” overthrew the USAP and won the title.

The famine is over. Eighteen years after the last crowning of the Stade Toulousain in the Espoirs category, the “Red-Black” club won a new title yesterday with a talented generation, but also with a steely morale that has never lost its blood – despite all the adversities . Because yesterday they had to have strong nerves on the Béziers lawn.

However, everything had started badly for her with the injury-related exit at the end of the warm-up, Hugo Reilhes touched in the right shoulder, then after ten minutes of play hardly her flank failure, at best not. after a shock.

Not spared from the events, the troops of the Lacombe-Zondagh-Madaule trio showed that they had character despite the headwind. With powerful Catalans determined to focus the post-Tofifenua, Ma’afu, Ramasibana and other Tuilagi debates on the physical challenge, we had to turn our backs, hold off the shock like the ubiquitous Ntamack, Vergé and Cramont who stood up.

100% success for Idjellidaine

Lots of penalties in this first period that Toulouse would pay against Perpignan, who chose the option to hit hits on most penalties. An option that was rewarded in the first third with three attempts registered on balls carried or in front of the line, but not enough to make the difference as the stadium stayed in the running thanks to the precision of its striker Théo Idjellidaine. impeccable in all his attempts (100% success in the end), which monetized all the possibilities offered to him. Hit but not sunk, Toulouse eventually regained control in the second half. The Stadistes calmly reversed the course of the game by regaining the initiative with applications and this time pressed the Catalans to blame.

Pressurized in front of their line, the latter did not resist attacks by Cramont and then Brennan, substantiating strong stadist times in front of a Catalan defensive line at bay. The Toulouseers returned to the controls every hour and never gave up, getting their hands on the ball and then delivering an impeccable defensive that dashed last Catalan hopes for a possible return.
Authors of an admirable season (just one defeat), the Toulouse hopefuls ended it in the most beautiful way. Did you say “à la Toulousaine”?

data sheet

IN BEZIERS.- MT: 19-12; 1,000 spectators; Referee: Mr. Lasausa (New Aquitaine)
Winners: 2E Cramont (54), Brennan (60), 2T (54, 60), 5P (12, 24, 33, 36, 47) Idjellidaine
Defeated: 3E Taofifenua (18), Ramasibana (30), Tuilagi (39), 2T (18, 39), 1P (51) Olender
Result development: 0-3, 7-3, 7-6, 12-6, 12-9, 12-12, 19-12 / 19-15, 22-15, 22-22, 29-22
USAPERPIGNAN: Darrelatour; Séguéla, Vaitulukina (Hostalrich, 70), Tuilagi (Randle, 62), Plana (o) Olender (Perez, 72), (m) Jeune-Joly; Bertheau, Moro (Mezaache, 51), Montagne (chap.); Ramasibana (Mas, 62), Ma’afu; Shengelia (Ciancio, 31; Shengelia, 64; Ciancio, 72), Taofifenua (Montgaillard, 51), Berguet (Girones, 75)
Locked out. Tempo. : Jeune-Joly (58, anti-game)
TOULOUSAIN STADIUM: Descamps; Delibes, Renda, Rigut (Auriac 62), Degen (o) Germain, (m) Idjellidaine (Lacointa 70); Ausset (Vignolles 11), T. Ntamack, Hebert (Cap., Hamonou 41); Vergé (Reggiardo 57), J. Brennan (Hebert 79); Mallez (Merkler 64) Cramont (Boubila 70), Duprat (Trauth 64)
The score: 13/20 – Men: Guilaume CRAMONT, Théo IDJELLIDAINE (Toulouse)

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