The Hubble Telescope Has Stopped Working: The Hubble Telescope Has Stopped Working Due To A Computer Crash

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The Hubble Space Telescope, which is called the ‘Eye of Earth’ in space, has stopped working. The Hubble Telescope’s computer, which has been active for the past 30 years, has malfunctioned, NASA said that with the help of Hubble computer, science-related instruments controlled in Washington
The Hubble Space Telescope, called the “Eye of the Earth” in space, has stopped working. It is rumored that a 1980s computer from the Hubble Telescope, which has made countless discoveries in space over the past 30 years, has malfunctioned. US space agency NASA said that with the help of this Hubble computer, science-related instruments are being controlled.

The Hubble Telescope was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990. Due to a computer failure, this telescope has now stopped taking astronomical photos. The Hubble Telescope was built as a joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency. NASA said Hubble had stopped working since 4 p.m. Sunday evening. NASA said the issue with Hubble was caused by a bad memory card.

$ 10 billion James Webb telescope to replace Hubble
Scientists at NASA’s Space Flight Center in Maryland attempted to restart that computer on Monday, but the same thing happened again. They are now trying to shut down the backup memory unit. For now, the camera and other devices are said to be in safe mode. If the trick works, the telescope will be tested for a day and only then will the scientific instruments be turned on so that space tracking can resume.

NASA said this computer system dates back to the 1980s. This whole system was last replaced in 2009. A NASA spokesperson said the computer has 4 memory modules but it has 4 memory modules. ‘only one is needed. The Hubble Telescope, launched in 1990, is aging slowly. It has been repaired several times, but there are still issues with it. NASA will now launch the $ 10 billion James Webb Telescope in place of Hubble.

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