The human resources company Nexian strengthens its presence in Navarre

RH Nexian is expanding its presence and commercial activity in Navarre. This second delegation was recently inaugurated in the provincial community, in particular in Peralta.

The new office, which joins the delegation that the company opened in Pamplona 5 years ago, will be located in Peralta, Avenida Funes, n1. At the head of the two offices will be Fernando Esparza, director of the company in the region.

Thus, this opening joins two new branches of the company in Almera and Logroo, already in activity, and two to come in Malaga and Lrida in the coming weeks.

Nexian offers temping, training and consulting services specializing in professional skills and the selection of executives and middle or technical executives. “If the situation experienced last year affected the labor market, the reality is that today 55% of companies are struggling to find the right candidates to adapt their workforce to new market demands,” and we want to be positioned on the job market. first line for the start of the recovery in the labor market, ”said Esparza.

This same professional assures us that “Spain in general, and Navarre in particular, should take advantage of the current situation – and European recovery funds on the way – to rebalance our professional market and not be so dependent on certain sectors, in investing in selection and training in new skills for professionals. In this sense, the support of a large company like Nexian can be the key to its evolution, ”he concludes.

Nexian is currently the leading national HR network and has 30 offices across the country. For this, it has a multidisciplinary team made up of more than 80 professionals keen to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response to the various human resources needs of companies, combining centralization of services, proximity and availability offered by its regional branches.

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