The ICT sector, one of the sectors that contributes the most to the country’s economic recovery

The ICT sector, one of the sectors that contributes the most to the country’s economic recovery

The resilience of the ICT services sector is once again evident: companies in the sector have seen their turnover increase year-on-year by + 18.9% (between April 2020 and April 2021). This is a record figure in the historic series and very significant, as it even exceeds the billing levels recorded in the same month last year.

According to the latest installment of the monthly TIC Monitor barometer, prepared jointly by VASS and the CEPRDE Economic Prediction Center, this significant growth only indicates that the economic recovery is getting closer and closer and that the ICT service sector is one of the sectors that contribute the most to make it possible.

“The uncertainty has not yet disappeared, neither that resulting from de-escalation, partially interrupted by worrying outbreaks among the younger, unvaccinated population, nor that surrounding the realization of European funds. However, there is a positive differential compared to the rest of the services in terms of invoicing and, above all, in terms of employment ”, indicates Antonio Rueda, director of VASS Research and responsible for ICT Monitor.

In addition to billing growth, the ICT services industry has also managed to increase the demand for specialist talent by + 3.3% over the past twelve months, improving last month’s record by 1.2%.

“We are faced with the best data since February 2020. This variable behaved very resiliently throughout the crisis and reveals that the sector continues to demand professionals, both in Spain and in the European Union in its together “, explains Rueda.

The climate of recovery is also reflected in the indicators of the short-term expectations of entrepreneurs in the ICT service sector. The job creation climate has improved by nearly 20% compared to the previous delivery, reaching + 24 points on a scale of +/- 100. 62% of companies trust a net job creation, against 38% who perceive a workforce adjustment.

“Encouraging the creation of technological jobs, promoting the training and re-qualification of people expelled from the labor market but who accumulate skills complementary to purely technical knowledge is an essential challenge for the revival of the country”, assures the director of VASS Research and responsible for ICT Monitor.

Billing expectations remain positive and, although in this case the indicator worsens compared to the previous one, the balance between optimistic and pessimistic entrepreneurs is in favor of the former. The score of +22.5 points on a scale of +/- 100 is equivalent to claiming that 61.2% of companies in the ICT service sector expect their activity to increase between July and September.

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