The IDF deceives Hamas: Hamas commander trapped in IDF trap, then drops 1,000 bombs – Israel deceived Hamas into believing that a ground invasion was in progress, then destroyed the tunnel network

In an attempt to destroy Hamas hiding places in the Palestinian city of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army has in the past acted on many victims of this militant organization. In fact, the IDF published a tweet Thursday evening to make Hamas understand that it was going to attack the ground. Hamas operatives then reached their intelligence tunnels to track down Israeli tanks. After that, Israel did not make a ground attack and started bombarding these tunnels with an air attack.

Israel is said to have destroyed Hamas tunnels for several kilometers by firing around 1,000 bombs. Reports from Israel claimed that several Hamas militants were killed in the attacks. Not only that, Israeli soldiers and tanks along the border began to hunt down Hamas operatives who escaped from the tunnels. These people were armed with night vision devices and vigorously attacked Hamas operatives.

Not only that, Israel has also deployed snipers on a large scale. The Israeli attack on Hamas tunnels also continued on Monday. Israeli warplanes carried out appalling airstrikes in several locations in Gaza City on Monday morning. Hours earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had hinted at the momentum of the Fourth War against Hamas, a militant group based in Gaza. For about 10 minutes, the north-south area of ​​the city was rocked by the explosions.

A large area was heavily shelled and it was also horrific with the airstrikes that took place 24 hours earlier in which 42 Palestinians were killed. Prior to this recent incident of violence between Israel and the Hamas organization, Israeli airstrikes destroyed three buildings. According to local media, the security complex and open spaces on the main coastal road west of the city were targeted by the attack on Monday morning. The electricity company said the airstrike damaged a power line at the only power plant supplying large parts of southern Gaza City.

However, there is no immediate information about the victims. In a televised speech on Sunday, Netanyahu said that Israel was continuing the attack with full ‘Dum Kham’ and that it would continue for a while. He said Hamas “should pay a heavy price.” Meanwhile, Defense Minister and political rival Benny Benny Gantz was also with him to show solidarity. The Israeli emergency service said Hamas also fired rockets from civilian areas in Gaza into civilian areas in Israel. A rocket landed on the synagogue in the southern city of Ashkelon shortly before the start of the prayer.

However, no casualties were reported in the incident. Gaza’s health ministry said 16 women and 10 children were among those who died and more than 50 people were injured. Haya Abdelal (21), who lives in a building adjacent to the building demolished in the Israeli attack, said she was asleep when the airstrikes occurred and had to flee into the streets. He accused Israel of failing to warn people there before such an attack. He said, “We need peace. Now we can no longer endure further destruction.

The IDF spokesperson’s office said Hamas’s “underground military structures” were the target of the attack. Among those killed were Ayman Aaiman Abu al-Oouf, head of the internal medicine department at Shifa hospital and senior member of the hospital’s Corona virus management committee. Two children of Oouf and another family member were also buried under the rubble in the attack. Netanyahu had a phone conversation with US President Joe Biden on Saturday. During the conversation, Netanyahu said, when asked about evidence of Hamas’s presence in the building, “We have obtained information from our intelligence officials.”

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