The IEB takes the lead in sustainable development training

The IEB, a business school specializing in financial, legal and commercial training, was selected by BBVA as part of the bank’s strategy to extend training in sustainable development

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – July 25, 2021

The IEB continues to innovate and extend its studies to new training trends and business interests. In recent years, the promotion of talent in sectors that are increasingly in demand in the workplace such as sustainability in finance, Fintech, Blockchain and digital innovation.

In this context, the IEB was selected by BBVA as part of the bank’s strategy to extend training in sustainable development. The Custom Training department, headed by lvaro Drake, secretary general of the IEB, concluded this agreement with a program comprising two levels of ESG training: one basic, aimed at obtaining the EFPA-ESG Advisor certification. , and a more advanced, this second targeted a smaller segment of equipment within a target group of approximately 9,000 beneficiaries of these programs.

BBVA is one of its strategic priorities to contribute to the transition to a sustainable future. To achieve this, training in sustainable development is essential. The training will take place over the next few months and reinforces the strategic relationship in terms of training between the IEB and BBVA, where internal training is already provided in the more than 30 years of IEB as a study center.

In recent years, the IEB has seen an intense growth in the demand for training in the field of sustainability and innovation, led by Jess Mardomingo, from which many professionals from different companies have been trained this year, both through face-to-face training and online training channels in an area where the need for training is greatest on a daily basis.

Concerning the Sustainability and Innovation area of ​​the IEB, the center has three new training programs:

• Specialization program in Renewable Energies: Investment and Financing.

• Higher course in Sustainable Finance.

• Higher Education Course on Sustainable Finance.

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