“The ill-treatment inflicted on Moncloa is obsessive”


Publication: Sunday, April 11, 2021 5:43 PM

On this pre-campaign day, everything revolves around the word “Freedom”. Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s motto continues to be the flag of the PP candidate for the presidency … and the weapon of her opponents.

For Ayuso, this freedom project is something he fights for every day, betting on “the freedom of hoteliers and not ETA”. For Gabilondo, it is precisely this type of message that shows that what the PP is seeking is to take freedom from the people of Madrid.

“The right and the far right think that Madrid belongs to them. What freedom is what is a freedom that should not be protected? Freedom cannot be neglected,” he said on Sunday, a few words supported by the president of the Pedro Sánchez government.

“Freedom does not cast doubt on the vaccine. Freedom today is to vaccinate, to vaccinate and to vaccinate. It protects women who suffer from abuse, not from the trivialization of gender violence as the president does of the Community of Madrid. Capture the jackets, “said. The president of the Community of Madrid responds by criticizing the “obsessive ill-treatment” she claims to suffer from Moncloa.

They also referred to the motto of Ayuso, the citizen candidate. On the sixth night, Edmundo Bal regretted that they were talking about “civil war slogans”. Specifically to the voters of Ciudadanos Mónica García addresses the possibility, according to some polls, that they are excluded from the Assembly, offering them a “refuge” in Más Madrid.

Pablo Iglesias, for his part, commented on Ayuso’s campaign video, reiterating that he has “a lot of Madrid” to go through. “You could have pariphed and gone somewhere in the south,” says the leader and candidate of United We Can.

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