The IMANcorp FOUNDATION Advisory Committee is made up of new prestigious professionals


The IMANcorp FOUNDATION Advisory Committee is made up of new prestigious professionals

The Advisory Board is made up of nine professionals of recognized prestige who will provide advice to the Foundation’s Board of Directors in order to enrich the entity’s proposals and approaches. The Directors will bring their experience and knowledge in the various fields in which the Foundation focuses its activities such as investing in innovation, valuing talents, cybersecurity, communication in the field of technology, IOT, sustainability or the circular economy

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 06 November 2020

The Board of Directors of IMANcorp FOUNDATION, a foundation created five years ago with the commitment to develop the productive fabric and mainly promote innovation and inclusive talent – in early 2020 it approved the constitution of ” a multidisciplinary advisory board to provide the entity with an advisory body for the various initiatives it can develop.

In the coming years, IMANcorp FOUNDATION plans to expand its business through sustainable growth, and the creation of the Advisory Board is part of this goal.

This advisory body is made up of 9 professionals with an excellent reputation in their fields of experience and a high professional and human prestige.

The directors, among other functions, will advise the board of directors of the Foundation in all projects which may be of interest to achieve the fundamental objectives. They are also expected to be able to proactively propose actions and activities to be carried out by the foundation, as well as promote alliances with other entities.

The IMANcorp FOUNDATION Advisory Board is made up of the following experts:

Mr. Jaume Abella Fuentes, Head of Cybersecurity at Campus La Salle in Barcelona (URL) Mr. Jordi Busquet Duran, Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations of Blanquerna (URLL). Head of the EIDOS Research Network Mr. Marcos Eguillor, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Barbara IoT Mr. Marc Garcia Palerm, Partner at Minsait Business Consulting Mr. Ferran Garrigosa Carreras, Director of Business Development at Sustainability expert Da. Cristina Gimenez-Vega, Founder-associate Aditum management consultants Mr. Manel Jarrega, President of the Catalan Association of Facility Management Mr. Xavier Marcet, Ceo – Lead To Change Mr. Ximo Salas Perez, CEO and founder of CreaCommunity. Speaker, trainer and consultant in talent management

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