The impact of global warming: 2020 is the hottest year for Europe, no relief in 2021-2020 was the hottest year in Europe on record, know how the weather can be in 2021

The impact of global warming has started to appear not only in India and China, but around the world. According to data released on Friday by the European Union’s climate monitoring service, 2020 was the hottest year for an organization in 27 countries. Data indicates that last year was the hottest year for the European Union since climate record keeping began.

Temperature record broken in 2020
The European Union’s “ Copernicus Climate Change Service ” said last year’s temperature in Europe broke the 2019 temperature record, with an increase of 0.4 ° C. The increase in temperature temperature in the world is due to increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, the most important of which is carbon dioxide. According to the data, the pre-2020 industrial period was 1.25 centigrade warmer than the temperature of 1850-1900.

And 2021?
In fact, with the way the global environment is changing, it can be inferred that in 2021 not everything will be normal. As climate change and melting glaciers continue, it looks like 2021 may also be included in the list of warm years. In Europe too, the heat is increasing year by year.

2020 was also the eighth hottest year for India
The year 2020 was the 8th hottest year in India since 1901. The Indian Meteorological Department said 2016 was the hottest year on record in India before. Now the question arises as to whether the new year, the year 2021 will show the same type of weather or whether the situation will turn into something normal. The weather service said in a climate statement from India in 2020 that the average annual temperature in the country during the year was 0.29 degrees Celsius above normal. This figure is based on 1981–2010 data.

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