The impact of the coronavirus has also had an effect on office rentals

The emergence of telecommuting in the wake of the pandemic has led many companies to view the office as a more outdated form of work organization and an expense they can avoid. The pandemic has wiped out around 47% of bank branches, for example. Teleworking is a form of organization that has many advantages (including saving time and money and reducing absenteeism). However, there are a lot of drawbacks that should be kept in mind when hesitating between telecommuting or the physical office.

The most important thing to keep in mind when telecommuting is that when employees telecommute, they cannot log out after working hours. Teleworking has also led to an increase in sedentary lifestyle and family problems. For the company, teleworking can mean big savings, but in the long run the worker will feel less identified with the company, since he will have less day to day information. Therefore, the physical office remains a good idea for businesses. However, today there are some factors that businesses need to consider before renting an office.

Inmobiliaria Ncleo, a network of real estate agencies with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, advises companies to consider the position of the office first. The most important thing for the physical office is that it is well located and accessible to all employees. It is also important to note that customers will also be visiting the office, so that it is accessible to all is important. “To reduce costs, subletting the office can be a good idea. If the business has just started or has simply reduced its income due to the current economic situation, subletting may be a good idea, ”explains Inmobiliaria Ncleo.

“The best thing to do is to hire a real estate agency to find the perfect office. On many occasions, our clients may make mistakes when choosing the office for their business and they may make mistakes such as choosing a business with poor Wi-Fi, with busy and noisy environment, with little natural light. and adverse weather conditions, ”he says Inmobiliaria Ncleo, who advises his advisers to choose the perfect office.

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