The importance of claiming human quality in organizations

As part of a new edition of the BenchClub HR Summit, leading speakers from the world of human resources came together virtually to discuss the [R]THE EVOLUTION of HR, and the changes experienced by organizations, has accelerated further, thanks to the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Names such as Fred Kofman (United States), Vctor Kppers, Inma Puig Santos (Spain), Isela Costantini, Alejandro Melamed, Carolina Borracchia (Argentina) and Horacio Llovet, do not go unnoticed among more than 80 international references, from from 7 countries (Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, United States and Spain) who participated with their presentations.

BenchClub, the organization that brings together HR Managers present in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico, organized this new edition which took place over two days. The event, which has been taking place since 2015, brings together the biggest exhibitors in the world of human resources every year, globally, and in 2021 it held its second virtual edition.

Vctor Kppers, bestseller, motivational speaker and expert in emotional coaching and positive psychology, focused his presentation on the importance of mind, attitude and the need to live and work with joy, optimism, enthusiasm, mobilizing the best values ​​of each. “We must claim the importance of human quality. People who know you, love you, appreciate you, and appreciate you for the way you are. Bosses and bosses, maybe they know a lot, but what makes them amazing bosses is their human quality. No one likes you for your job or your professional achievements, which is why you like yourself. We must claim the importance of kindness, generosity, altruism, camaraderie, because it is the great values ​​that resignify us. Being a good person is a very worthy concept. We need people who are honest, upright, who help others, who are polite, who say please and thank you. We like people who smile and create a good atmosphere. The stress, the rush, make us become uncompromising, cranky, and we don’t get the human quality that we have. People who are trying to be good feel so much better. Fight to be the best person you can be, ”Kppers said.

“In a context where life has changed, where different roles overlap, where vulnerability is protagonist and each day is a new challenge, we propose to rise up to change and bring a renewed and optimistic outlook to the rescue of the To be human. We come to offer a new journey, based on opportunities, well-being, collaboration, resilience and empathy. Let’s stop talking about human resources, let’s talk about people. Let’s bet, support and take care of the fundamental and most precious capital of any organization, let’s humanize companies. We invite you to a space in which we share experiences, thoughts, data and our contribution to face together a new way of leading, relying on technology and putting all the tools and energies at the service of the human being, where we rethink: Relationship dependency? DO NOT! relationship of independence. Said Horacio Llovet, co-founder of Nawaiam, a gamification platform which, based on technologies such as data science and machine learning, offers users a fun experience during the selection process, and enables them also to provide “diagnostics” of great reliability and objectivity for organizations, thus promoting the digital transformation of Human Capital.

Nawaiam was not only present in the lecture series, but was also a sponsor of one of the four main stages where the presentations took place. During the first day of the meeting, Horacio Llovet offered an in-depth analysis of the relationship of DEPENDENCE, the return to the value of the individual, freedom, respect and inclusion, examining how the pandemic has forced people and businesses to rethink and rethink their lives with new rules, putting people at the center of everything. The enhancement of the human and the life cycle of people within companies.

Fred Kofman, Founder of the Conscious Business Center and Google VP Leadership Development discussed how to inspire human beings to take pride in being resources for transcendent mission. He explained how each person has a fundamental need to give their life a transcendent and ethical meaning, and how participating in a business with a noble purpose enables mortals like us to build a meaningful “immortality project”. into existence. . . .

Kofman pointed out: “We all have a project of symbolic immortality, we want to give transcendent meaning to our lives. There is nothing that gives it that meaning, except in cooperation with others. This I think is the spiritual phenomenon of society ”. And he added: “The agreement that a leader makes with his people is this opportunity to give transcendent meaning to his life, by joining an important project. And in return, he wants all of your enthusiasm, the best you can give, what you can’t buy. The best is only received by the will of the other. He deserves, but does not set a goal. The leader will help the person to flourish and make sense of their life, and in return, they will ask for their help in achieving this transcendent mission or goal of service to humanity.

Alejandro Melamed, international speaker and benchmark in Future of Work, based his presentation on the exponential, from the VICA world to BANI, the impact of digital transformation on people, the need to care through memorable experiences and four pillars of exponential leadership. of HR, with the challenge of understanding whether HR leaders are moving at the speed required by these times.

For her part, Isela Costantini, international speaker, author of “Un Lder en Vos”. Former CEO of General Motors Arg, Uruguay and Paraguay and Aerolneas Argentinas. Board member of Universidad Austral, Banco de Alimentos and CIPPEC, spoke about the current role of human capital leaders, at a time when transformation processes must begin. “Human capital has ceased to be a support for the CEO. He must occupy the role of strategic pillar in all and for the whole of the organization. Today we are talking about horizontal structures, smart methodologies and generations (millennials) who see their leaders almost as peers. Human Capital is the air that crosses all areas of the organization and allows us to understand the challenges and opportunities of everyday life and the necessary changes, ”he added.

Finally, Inma Puig Santos (Spain), Psycloga from Ftbol Club Barcelona, ​​Author of “La Revolucin Emocional”, spoke about those things that happen in work teams and are not seen. She suggested doing the exercise of thinking together, since Thinking is used for understanding and understanding is for seeing. Because we can only see what we are able to understand. The meaning of the word care has been analyzed in depth. If you pursue results, you have to take care of people because results only and exclusively come through people.

Inma Puig Santos, underlined: “To understand people there are two ways, the shortest is to put oneself in their shoes, to understand their anatomy. We have two ears and one mouth, you have to listen twice as much as what you say. Listen with one ear to what they are saying and with the other what they are not telling us. The method by which something is always achieved involves greater and better knowledge of people ”. And he added, “In work there is something more important than knowing what to do, and that is knowing what not to do. We must not humiliate, ridicule, we cannot ask something from someone that we know they will not be able to do. A working team is a group of people who are able to gradually solve problems inherent in human nature as they arise. Teams have secret wisdom and respond with pleasing results when they feel respected. Each person who makes up a team has a talent. We have to take care of our talent, we all have a talent and we have to find it ”. And he concluded his presentation with the statement: “Organizations must be humanized. You have to put people at the center of the world. “

Note that 100% of the profits collected from the sale of Benchclub HR Summit 2021 tickets will be donated to Fundacin S, to support the social work that its president, Manuel Lozano, is facing.

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