the importance of details

We’ve talked a lot about Windows 11 in recent weeks. We discussed its controversial requirements, fluidity, eye-catching modern design, new Microsoft Store, and more. However, as a lawyer, I can’t help but think of one word: the details. In a legal process, the details are everything and tip the scales. Windows 11 is an ode to details and I’ll tell you why.

The Windows team are proud of the work they’ve done (and it’s no wonder), so they share a lot of details about how they designed the operating system. The truth is, Windows 11 is an operating system that feels alive, full of little animations and details that make it an experience unlike any other with Windows 10.

Windows 11 and details

The new Start menu looks better than ever, and for the first time in Windows history, it’s in the center. This is much more important than it seems. Behind this decision, there is not only a reason for usability when thinking of widescreens and tablets, but also a philosophical reason. Windows 11 wants to put us, the users, at the center, the longest forgotten ones in which Windows has been treated primarily as a professional product.

Windows 10 vs. Windows 11

The new taskbar includes small animations: when we click on an application icon, the start menu icon, the widget panel icon; when we add a new app and see how the others evolve smoothly; when you see how the bottom bar of each app shows download progress … It’s more alive than ever.

The new 3D emojis are a breath of fresh air and a testament to the ambition of Microsoft’s design team. They don’t want to leave details and are ready to amaze the world with their ideas. Personally, I consider these to be the best emojis around.

New Windows 3D emojis.

The sounds are delicious, much cleaner and clearer than its predecessors. Additionally, and as an example of the attention to detail, Microsoft has made sure that there are small variations between the sounds depending on whether we have the light or dark theme. Everything is designed so that nothing creaks in the new listening experience.

The new iconography present throughout the operating system is consistent with each other and provides an experience that we have not remembered for a long time in Windows. Everything looks modern, in its place, fulfilling its function perfectly. They even created a new font for the operating system better suited to different screen formats!

New Windows 11 iconography, buttons and font.

Windows 11 themes are another great example of attention to detail. There are themes for different tastes and they look great with the new style of Start menu and taskbar. Even the default wallpaper looks outrageous and shows the intention to fit in perfectly with the new style of the system.

New iconography and themes.

The combination of the Mica and Acrylic Material design elements is perfect, and we already find perfect examples in File Explorer, Microsoft Store, Settings app, or Microsoft Edge itself. Gone are the days when acrylic was applied indiscriminately to parts of applications in which he painted nothing.

Microsoft Edge redesigned for Windows 11.

Microsoft wanted to focus on the micro-interactions of the operating system. A good example are animated checkboxes, spinning adjustment gears, or the brightness button increasing in size based on the selected brightness. The importance of details.

Micro-interactions in Windows 11.

A Windows created to make the user fall in love

Microsoft’s intention with Windows 11 is clear: it needs to be both new and familiar. Windows 8 was very new but unknown and the consequences were dire. Windows 10, on the other hand, was very little new but very familiar, resulting in a well-praised operating system that does not fall in love. Windows 11 seems to have hit the nail on the head and created a perfect storm.

According to Microsoft’s design team, “Calm is absolutely necessary in today’s world. Windows 11 makes it easier with an experience that feels familiar, but softens a user interface that was previously intimidating and increases emotional connection. In other words, they want us to love Windows, to enjoy the operating system as soon as we turn it on (so they also revamped the lock screen and reintroduced the startup sound).

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