The importance of emotional wages in today’s business and the benefits it can bring


The importance of emotional wages in today’s business and the benefits it can bring

The emotional salary has strengthened in a complicated context in which many companies are experiencing a moment of wage conflict Offering psychological support in the company is something more and more in demand and more and more common

BY RRHHDigital, 02:00 – 01 July 2021

The last year has revolutionized the way we work, as well as the way we approach our professional life. More and more, in a context such as the current one, employees are asking companies for additional benefits to those that had been raised to date. In times of wage moderation like the current one, workers increasingly value the benefits companies offer them, which can be a differentiator when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

It is very important to have a corporate culture that supports employees so that they can perform their jobs in an ideal environment. This is where the notion of emotional salary appears, which designates a series of salaries, beyond monetary salaries, that companies offer to improve the quality of life of their employees, by offering them additional motivation that translates into usually through a commitment to business goals. There are four fundamental social benefits that any business should consider in today’s environment:

Avoid face-to-face meetings: workers expect more and more flexibility from companies, so that they are the ones who control their schedules and this has an impact on improving their productivity. In this way, moreover, face-to-face would be avoided, which workers want to avoid, as they prefer to be more efficient and better manage their time as part of their commitment to professionalism and responsibility. Offer teleworking: we are surely tired of talking or hearing about teleworking, but the truth is that it remains one of the benefits most requested by employees. To successfully implement this modality, it is essential to establish a clear regulatory framework and communicate it to all employees, to ensure that the activity is not affected. The worker, by being able to carry out his tasks without having to move or be in a specific place, saves travel time and can achieve greater reconciliation between his work and his personal life. Foster personal correspondence: It may not be so obvious, but in an era like today when online shopping is so prevalent, it has been found that employees highly value the opportunity to receive their order in their business. It is likely that the company will not have much difficulty in offering this service and the workers perceive it as something very positive, since they will be able to receive their orders without having to worry about the reception hours. Offer psychological support in the workplace: finally, a fundamental advantage to be taken into account when betting on improving the emotional wages of employees is to take care of their mental health. In this sense, more and more companies are betting on offering this type of service to their workers by aligning themselves with psychology platforms that can provide fundamental support to their psychological state and the management of emotions. TherapyChat, an online psychology platform, already works with companies such as Jobandtalent, Cooltra, Personio or Lingokids, offering its workers and users the psychological support of specialists to take care of their health and mental well-being. And it is that, having resources that help to take care of and promote a healthy and balanced life is essential.

Ada Rubio, Director of Health Psychology and Psychology at TherapyChat, says: β€œThe greatest value of companies is their human capital, so not taking care of it has repercussions in terms of productivity and efficiency. A happy worker who feels taken care of by his company is a more productive, creative person with a greater capacity for resolution and more assertive with his colleagues. In short, he is a person who does his job better and who can also contribute more to the growth of the company “.

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