The importance of psychological attention at work

The real capital of a company is that which is formed by its workers and as such they must be supported to the maximum. An efficient worker is a real asset in the company, however, sometimes one of us needs some type of therapy or psychological help. The pressure a worker is subjected to in various circumstances can put that person on sick leave. Therefore, employee psychologists are another factor to consider in the work environment. Business psychologists specialize in psychological treatment in the workplace to produce improvements in the employee himself, in the workplace and in company productivity.

The consequences of the mental health of your workers

Working is always an operation of mental exhaustion, and there are jobs with real risk. The most common cases of associated psychological problems that can occur are:

Work-related stress: the excessive pressure exerted on the worker, who is asked to meet certain deadlines, certain standards and a responsibility which he may not have to assume. Burnout: In Spain, known as burnout syndrome. The illusion of working has disappeared, there is a lack of support, overwork and too repetitive tasks. This can have dire consequences for the worker, both physically and emotionally. Relationships with the rest of the colleagues: If they are not good, there is friction or rumors, the worker ends up suffering and ends up influencing his work and the way he manages it.

The psychological support of workers has become a strong point of companies that implement these services, since medical leave derived from problems such as stress, anxiety, depression or even due to overwork itself, ends up being cost a large amount of money given each year. . In addition, we must add the loss of working hours that companies accumulate. And there are jobs where cutting production means more than losing money.

Fortunately, our society is beginning to appreciate the importance of mental health and well-being in the workplace. And the companies that do their part in this regard and facilitate workers’ access to therapy, are acting in a very positive way. The psychologists in Malaga who provide this care have more than 25 years of experience in dealing with issues that affect workers.

Why invest in the psychological health of your employees?

First, because a problem is solved by an employee. Problems such as anxiety, stress or depression are not only an emotional patch but also have a very negative influence on the development of tasks. An employee who is incapable of being psychologically well, not productive, or uncomfortable.

Then, if a worker’s well-being improves, we empower them to perform their tasks with more effort, more motivation and with a greater ability to be more productive in their work. It is a way of encouraging both the employee and the company itself to operate under the agreed conditions.

The health emergency produced by COVID-19 is causing a sharp and worrying increase in the number of people affected by psychological problems, in particular due to the state of uncertainty (health, economic, political, labor, social, etc. ), a feeling of constraint on their freedom, a feeling of unreality, adaptation to telework and the new family reconciliation, etc.

Investing in mental health is one way of thinking about the benefits that we can apply to our employees as managers or managers of a business. Just as there are medical recognitions, companies that invest in the psychological care of their workers provide first-class service that shows how important their employees are.

We must be prepared to be able to deal with complicated situations that involve our psychological health. Solving problems like this that can affect a worker is showing them that we care about them and want them to do their job in good condition. Mental health is not a whim, so taking care of it is fundamental.

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