The importance of training in artificial intelligence, advanced technology in 2021

The importance of training in artificial intelligence, advanced technology in 2021, a leading company in Artificial Intelligence services, and the University of Deusto sign an agreement to promote training in different Artificial Intelligence technologies in a practical way and with high-level profiles.

Together, they are working to create a specialized AI technology classroom that fosters learning about this disruptive technology in different areas, such as conversational AI, predictive and recommender AI, l ‘Content analysis AI and federated AI, among others.

The aim of the collaboration is to create a space that fosters an innovative learning model, which transmits to students the latest developments in this cutting-edge technology. In the new classroom, teachers, researchers and professionals from both entities, as well as world leaders, will share their knowledge with students of the new degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and other students of the faculty of engineering from the University of Deusto.

It’s a way to bring student AI closer to the hands of a leading company in the industry. technology is internationally recognized as one of the most advanced. In 2020, the company was named one of the 10 Most Relevant Companies in AI, along with Google, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft. These developments have enabled him to attract top talent, such as Celestino Garca, former corporate vice president at Samsung and vice president of business development at; Tom Gruber, founder and former CTO of Siri, and Joanna Hoffman, who was Apple’s chief marketing officer and Steve Jobs’ right-hand man.

“For us, it is a pride to be able to collaborate with the University of Deusto, to participate in the training of future talents and to show them first-hand the potential of artificial intelligence, a tool capable of solving many challenges. to humanity and our planet, ”says Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, founder and CEO of

“AI is an extraordinary tool for highlighting the immense agglomerations of data that are generated every day in the most varied application sectors. Its possibilities are immense, ”explains Asier Perallos, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Deusto. However, to animate university training on a subject that is evolving at such a speed, “it is essential to work on AI not only at a theoretical level, but also in close collaboration with referents in the application of the IA to the productive sectors, such as is the case of Through such collaborations, we are able to showcase world-class business successes and cutting-edge technology to the classroom.

Specifically, a world benchmark in the field, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, points out that around 90% of companies plan to integrate intelligent technology into part of their business processes over the next 3 years; and several experts believe that AI will become the most relevant new industry of the 21st century.

For this reason, the University of Deusto has launched this course a new degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, aimed at creating professional profiles called upon to master advanced data management and analysis, and the development of solutions based on AI for optimization and automation. business processes. The new diploma, in which and other large companies such as Microsoft are collaborating, aims to train professionals capable of meeting this demand from the commercial and industrial fabric, and ultimately, social.

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