The impotence of rape in Pakistan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday announced that rape culprits in the country would be powerless. Besides Pakistan, there are many countries where this punishment has been provided for rape. The method of this castration in Pakistan is surgical in which the man’s testis is removed. At the same time, the use of drugs in chemical castration eliminates sexual arousal. Let’s take a look at the countries where this heinous crime is punished by castration.


The Indonesian parliament passed a law in October 2016 setting the sentence for chemical castration. The decision came after several high-profile cases related to sexual exploitation, one after another. The first person to be sentenced to that sentence in 2019 said: “It would have been better to have a longer prison term or a death sentence.”

Czech republic

The Czech Republic provides for the sanction of surgical castration. Under the law passed in 1966, between 2000 and 2011, 85 people were punished in the country. However, he is strongly opposed to it.


The Bill for the Punishment of Surgical Castration of Criminals Convicted of Rape of Children Under 14 in Nigeria has been approved. It has not yet been made law.

Where is the death penalty pronounced?

In India, 14 years in prison, life imprisonment or the most heinous crime are sentenced to death. A court in Saudi Arabia can also sentence a convict to death. Here, the rapist is usually beheaded in public after giving him sleeping pills. France has a prison sentence of 15 to 30 years. The death penalty is pronounced in China, North Korea, Afghanistan, Egypt and Iran.

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