The incidence continues to fall in Spain and Health hopes to leave it at 50 for “January or February”

Posted: Thursday November 26 2020 19:52

Health today reported 12,289 new cases of coronavirus and 337 deaths. Figures which place the total record since the start of the pandemic at 1,617,355 infections and 44,374 deaths.

The cumulative incidence continues to decline, despite the slow decline in numbers. Thus, today, 325 cases have been recorded per 100,000 inhabitants, while yesterday there were 340. In fact, only three autonomous communities today have more than 500 cases: Asturias, Castile and León and the Basque country.

However, as Fernando Simón pointed out, the numbers are still far from desired. “This is not where we want to be. Our goal is to be below 50 or 25 and we continue in a very high range according to the thresholds that we have established in the action documents”, stressed the epidemiologist.

A situation which is probably only reached in January or February, in case the downward trend continues thanks to the control measures. “Depending on our behavior, the measures and how we control the risk of transmission,” said the epidemiologist.

This favorable trend, explained Dr Simón, “is also observed in acute care and intensive care beds, which decreases from tenth to tenth very slowly, but decreases.” COVID patients throughout Spain and 28.6% of ICU beds, “he added. Only three territories currently have ICU occupancy greater than 40%: Melilla, Aragon and Asturias.

Moreover, as the director of the CCAES specifies, the positivity rate in our country has been 10% since yesterday. Some data, said Simón, “positive, but way above what we want to know that there will be no rebound.”

As the pandemic situation continues to stabilize, the Government is discussing with communities the restriction plan that will take place over Christmas, with the aim of avoiding a third wave after the holidays.

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