the incidence of COVID-19 and the hospital situation have continued to improve

Posted: Wednesday June 09, 2021 4:58 PM

Exactly a month has passed since the state of alarm ended and the fear of a spike in infections increased. Fernando Simón himself, director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, admitted that neither he nor anyone in Spain could then know how the curve would behave when certain restrictions were relaxed, so now is the time to make the decision. point.

On May 9, the cumulative incidence (IA) was 188 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the curve has fallen by 75 points since. With national AI data located on 113 cases, Spain is currently no longer at high risk.

Despite the increase in mobility, which particularly worried the experts, only two communities have more impact today than a month ago: the Valencian Community, which continues to have one of the best incidents from Spain; and Andalusia, eight points higher than the AI ​​of a month ago.

In other communities, AI has declined and in some a lot. The Basque Country started from the worst situation at the time, but it already has the biggest drop in Spain, and it is that during these 20 days its incidence has dropped by more than 200 points.

Also, hospital occupancy rates were very high at the time, but this month factories and intensive care units were halved. Good weather, interacting more and more outdoors and taking care of yourself are on the agenda, but also, we have achieved some of the vaccination goals.

In one month, more than 10 million vaccines have been administered in Spain, half of the target population, over the age of 16, take at least one dose and more than 11 million people are immunized. And so, within a month, we came back to data as good as ten years ago, in August 2020.

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