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The polar pod of the explorer Jean-Louis Etienne surprised us. This “vertical” boat, inspired by the American FLIP, ready to drift around Antarctica to better study the Southern Ocean, is scheduled to launch in 2023. The Earth 300 project, which aims to study the effects of global warming, is currently at the drafting stage, in his opinion, but it is even more surprising than Doctor Etienne’s ship.

Earth 300: the incredible atomic yacht to study the planet Earth300

Introduced by Aaron Olivera, former President of the Royal Falcon Fleet, who has already invested $ 4.15 million to study the feasibility of his project, the Earth 300 is a mega-yacht of revolutionary architecture in both her unprecedented design and also in their type of drive. The 300 meter long and 60 meter high ship could be powered by… a molten salt nuclear reactor, a technology invented in the 1970s but never really used. Bill Gates financially supported this clean technology through his company TerraPower. “The marine version of the Molten Salt Reactor (m-MSR) is small, with few moving parts, and provides the sustainable, clean energy needed to advance marine transport into the future,” boast proponents of the project. Otherwise, if this technology wasn’t ready by 2025, the scheduled launch date of Earth 300, the ship would use zero-emission synthetic fuel.

Earth 300: the incredible atomic yacht to study the planet Earth300

40 VIP passengers

In addition to the revolutionary drive, it is of course the spectacular design of the yacht that inspires the spirits. Naval architect Iván Salas Jefferson actually envisioned placing a giant black ball on top of the boat. “The ball should inspire to protect the earth. When you enter this city of science and discover all the research, you should become an alchemist of global solutions, ”assures the architect. In this 13-story sphere, around twenty laboratories with almost 160 scientists from different disciplines would actually be grouped together. The Earth 300, which will have 165 crew members, is also said to accommodate around 20 students and, as with space tourism, 40 distinguished guests willing to pay between $ 2.5 million and $ 3 million for 10 days on board in 20 luxurious cabins to spend. The foredeck of the ship has a helipad and a floating observation deck.

Earth 300: the incredible atomic yacht to study the planet Earth300

“We live at a crucial moment in human history and face the greatest challenge facing our civilization since the dawn of mankind,” said Aaron Olivera, who budgeted his $ 700 million mega-yacht. The business plan, assures Olivera, has been validated by KPMG. It can also be proud to have gained solid partners such as IBM, Rina, the Triton submarines, the Eyos expeditions and various scientific companies.

See you in four years for the launch of this incredible ship.

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