The Indian Navy ship INS Shardul and the Madagascan Navy ship Trozona undertook a joint patrol in Madagascar: the Indian Navy warship INS Shardul patrolling the Indian Ocean with the Madagascan Navy

Strong points:

India Shardulbharat, on patrol with Madagascar’s Indian Navy, poised to exacerbate China’s problems in the Indian Ocean, donated rice and medicine to drought-stricken Madagascar
India patrols the navy of Madagascar, a strategically important country in the Indian Ocean. This is the first time that the Madagascan navy has patrolled with Indian navy warships. On behalf of the Indian Navy, INS Shardul participated in this mission, while Madagascar participated in Torjona. The presence of the Indian Navy in the important area of ​​the Indian Ocean will exacerbate the problems of China and Pakistan.

India helped Madagascar fight drought
A day earlier, India had delivered 1,000 tonnes of rice and 1 lakh of hydroxychloroquine tablets to Madagascar. Please say that there is a severe drought in the southern region of Megagascar. Thanks to which India, playing its neighboring religion, provided first aid to this country in the Indian Ocean. Prime Minister Lewis Nettse himself arrived in Madagascar with this aid to receive the Indian Navy ship INS Jalashv.

China increases its presence
Recognizing the geopolitical importance of Madagascar and the Comoros, where China is continually increasing its connectivity and security activities. In such a situation, the Ministry of External Affairs had decided to regroup the countries of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles under a single division. The Ministry of External Affairs has also decided to create the Indian Ocean Region Division for this purpose.

Madagascar is still waiting
However, Madagascar has been waiting for the appointment of a defense officer between the two countries since 2019. The Ministry of Defense is expected to approve the proposal soon. India signed a defense memorandum of understanding with Madagascar in 2018, in which they were asked to discuss several capacity building and training projects for Madagascar’s defense personnel.
China is not far behind
China also said it is also considering appointing a defense attaché in Madagascar to monitor security issues. For India and China, it is important to intensify bilateral engagement with the geopolitical islands as they increase their naval presence in the western Indian Ocean.
China is afraid of India’s presence in Madagascar
Chinese government media Global Times expressed anger over India’s presence in Madagascar, saying New Delhi was stepping up security and defense cooperation with Madagascar and the Comoros to counter Beijing’s perceived influence in the country. western Indian Ocean. However, countries in the region may not be interested in New Delhi’s efforts which could pull them in favor of India.
Incitement of Indian Ocean countries against India
Chinese media, provoking Madagascar and the Comoros, wrote that these two countries are sovereign nations. They have the right to make their own foreign policy and to look after their own international affairs. They will not blindly join India. Apart from that, these countries have always maintained friendly relations with China. Because China actively supports them to play their own role in the Indian Ocean region.

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