The Indian variant continues to spread in the country, according to the affected government – ScoopCube

Twenty-nine more cases of the “Delta” variant (the new name for the Indian variant) have been reported in the Landes since the announcement of the first two cases in a family in that department on Wednesday June 2nd and Saturday June 5th , identified, the prefecture and the regional health authority. To these 31 detected cases, the ARS adds “about twenty more” based on an estimate, although the positive cases have not all been sequenced.

These fifty or so cases can be “grouped into about fifteen outbreaks of contamination,” particularly family, the ARS explains, “subject to the results of ongoing investigations to cross the data and trace the chains of contamination”. The 31 confirmed cases affect six communes in the department.

The health authorities announced on Wednesday that the Delta variant, which is not yet very present in the territory, had been spotted in a family in the Dax metropolitan area without being associated with India or Great Britain. They had stepped up the screening and sequencing operations.

The government had also expressed concern about the increase in the prevalence of Covid-19 in part of the country, particularly Occitania and New Aquitaine.

According to ARS, the “epidemiological situation is unfavorable” in the country, which has an incidence rate of 95.6 per 100,000 population, “higher than the national rate” and “increasing by 35% in less than three weeks”.

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