The Initiative presents Perfect Dark at the Game Awards

Despite the fact that Microsoft had indicated that we should relax, the truth is there was a great announcement. Tonight the Game Awards were held and, as always, there was time for a classified ad from Microsoft. The Initiative, Xbox’s new studio, The Initiative, forged from scratch runs on Perfect Dark.

Perfect Dark shows us a realistic design and the return of a legendary game

The Initiative was a study created from scratch with Darrell Gallagher at the helm. We knew Phil Spencer had played one of the levels and seen the work and we finally know what it is.

The reboot of a legendary game like Perfect Dark is a true declaration of intent. The team are fearless and want to show that they can take over this legendary job from Rare. The trailer looks spectacular and gave us goosebumps.

Of course we can get a but, it doesn’t have a release date. Microsoft presented its new title this morning but… For now, we’ll have to wait for more details and a launch date.

From the image of the scenarios and the modeling, we could say that it is at an advanced stage of development. We’ll see if they get to launch it in 2021 or we’ll have to wait until 2022. The folks in Santa Monica have done a sensational job, at least it seems and they are commenting on it in an interview.

The whole team seems to be excited about how the game looks and how it unfolds. They also pointed out how difficult the start was with hardly any staff and how that has evolved. A very interesting project which will see the culmination with the launch of its first game. The acquisition of new studies is interesting, but also the formation of studies from scratch.

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