The insults of the candidate of Juanma Moreno for the presidency of the PP of Seville against the favorite of Genoa: “Golfos”

Publication: Friday March 19, 2021 2:21 PM

The PP of Andalusia knows these days an internal war for the votes of renewal of the presidencies of the party in each province, a battle which confronts Juanma Moreno directly in Genoa.

While the Andalusian president supports the candidacy of Juan Ávila for the presidency of the PP of Seville, the national leadership of the party is in favor of keeping Virginia Pérez.

laSexta had access to the audios of Juanma Moreno’s candidate in which he describes the members of Pérez’s lists as “scoundrels” and “chasms”.

“I think that the party to abandon it at this moment and to leave it in the hands of these scoundrels would be a tragedy because logically that would do irreparable damage, for four gulfs, because they have no other word, they want to continue to maintain power, ”says Avila in these audios.

In the recordings, he goes so far as to assert that Virginia Pérez’s men “don’t give a damn about the game and they don’t give a damn about the people of this party”: “But don’t worry because the time has come will put everything back. in its place. “

Pérez already replied after knowing the content of these audios and asked to put aside the noise and focus on achieving a united PP: “The important thing is to forget the noise and that the PP activists in Seville go vote. In order to obtain a united and strong PP “.

Sources in Genoa assure LaSexta that their plan is to create a provincial structure to move from regional men to provincial men in the territories where they govern.

They stress that they are a “bottom-up” party and that they intend to prepare all local candidates during these two years to face the rebuilding of the party and to go well to the elections.

laSexta contacted Juan Avila, who confirms the authorship of the audio, claims it is the result of a heat, but reaffirms himself by accusing his rival of illegal maneuvers.

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