The interior agrees to reinforce the troops of the Civil Guard and the National Police in the face of the migratory crisis that Ceuta is going through

Publication: Monday May 17, 2021 9:11 PM

El ministro del Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, ha presidido en la tarde de este lunes una reunión de coordinación de urgencia para dar respuesta a la situación en Ceuta, a donde cerca de 3,000 personas han llegado a nado desde Marruecos, miles de ellos menores of age. Never before have so many people arrived in one day.

This meeting was also attended, among others, by the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez; the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Isabel Goicoechea; the director general of the police, Francisco Pardo; the director general of the Civil Guard, María Gámez; and the ministry’s director general for international relations and immigration, Elena Garzón.

At this meeting, the immediate reinforcement of the Civil Guard and National Police troops in the region was agreed. More precisely, the places most likely to pass through Ceuta will be reinforced with around fifty members of the Civil Guard. The National Police, for its part, will increase its staff in Ceuta by more than 150 agents, among the members of the Police Intervention Units and specific personnel of the Scientific and Immigration and Borders.

All with the aim of speeding up the return procedures, in application of the 1992 agreement with Morocco. Precisely, in relation to this arrival in Ceuta, it should be remembered that the Spanish and Moroccan authorities recently agreed to send them back. citizens of this country in Morocco whom they have agreed to swim, according to a procedure agreed by the two states.

The PP’s accusations against the government leadership

The PP was quick to file a complaint against the leadership of Marlaska and the central government in the face of this crisis. The party leader, Pablo Casado, demanded that the director general, Pedro Sánchez, “immediately” guarantee the integrity of the Spanish border in Ceuta: “I have just spoken with the president of Ceuta to support him in the serious migratory crisis that our autonomous city suffers, ”Casado said in a message on his official Twitter account.

“The Spanish government must immediately guarantee the integrity of our borders and coordinate with Morocco the return of immigrants to their country,” demanded Casado, but he was not the only one to criticize the party on this issue. The deputy secretary of the Organization of the PP, Ana Beltrán, affirmed that the Minister of the Interior “has become the best ally of the mafias who traffic people”. “He is not doing anything with the migration crisis in the Canary Islands and has no intention of doing anything in Ceuta,” he added.

Even more criticism has been shown of Vox, stating that “if Pedro Sánchez does not order their return to their parents, they will soon end up generating insecurity and destroying coexistence in the neighborhoods of any Spanish city” . This is how the extreme formation expressed itself through social networks, where party leader Santiago Abascal also did: “This invasion of MENA is the result of the progressive consensus of politicians, journalists and powerful people, who demonize us to denounce “.

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