The interior escorts Gabilondo, Mónica García, Bal and Monasterio and reinforces the security of Ayuso and Iglesias

Updated: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 3:00 PM

Published on: 04/27/2021 2:59 PM

The executive has decided to extend the security system vis-à-vis candidates for the presidency of the Community of Madrid. Thus, as laSexta was able to confirm, Interior reinforces the security of those who already had an escort, this is the case of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Pablo Iglesias. And he puts escorts to those who until now had none. They are the socialist candidate Ángel Gabilondo, Mónica García (More Madrid), Edmundo Bal (Citizens) and Rocío Monasterio, from Vox.

These measures are taken after threats received by Minister Reyes Maroto, who is accompanying PSOE candidate Ángel Gabilondo on the lists.

On Monday, laSexta has already argued that the government will strengthen the security of Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Minister of the Interior, Pablo Iglesias, leader of United We Can, and María Gámez, director of the Civil Guard, after concluding that “There is a risk” behind the death threats against these charges, in letter form and with bullets inside.

Thus, as described by the Executive, in accordance with the “field of competence” of the Ministry of the Interior, “protective measures will be adopted which, taking into account the assessment of the risks associated with the current threat, it considers precise and necessary to guarantee their safety, ”he explains, referring to these leaders.

The letters in question, sent to the Home Office last week, contained a written letter inside, as well as bullets of various calibers. “You have ten days to resign. The time to laugh at us is over. National Police. Civil Guard. The time is against you for the pops”, could one read in the text addressed to the current Minister of Interior.

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