The journalist who located the mother of the rescued baby in the waters of El Tarajal: “He sleeps in a hole”

Updated: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 3:55 PM

Published on: 05/26/2021 3:54 PM

Alfonso Rodríguez is the journalist who located and managed to interview Naima. The image of her baby saved in the waters of El Tarajal by a civil guard has been around the world. An image of the serious crisis in Ceuta. Now Naima is in hiding in Ceuta with her three children.

Without revealing where exactly this family is, Alfonso Rodríguez explains that “they sleep in a hole, in subhuman conditions, because of their fear”. Fear that the police will expel him from Ceuta.

The reporter says that for days Naima was oblivious to the repercussion of the photo in which the Civil Guard diver holds the little girl, still and cold, while rescuing her off the coast of Ceuta. “He recognized the little girl online, he had no idea she was going out everywhere,” he explains.

Now, Naima has confessed to him that he thinks this little girl’s fame might be a problem in Morocco if she were to return.

Naima was a carrier and was barely making a living with her three children in a rented apartment, but with the borders closed, survival became impossible. “They couldn’t pay the rent,” Rodríguez explains, and this extreme situation, with no accommodation or food to feed his children, “is what made him jump into the sea”.

Rodríguez recounts how it was when an exhausted Naima met the Civil Guard diver. Swimming aided by a toy float and with her baby on her back, at first Naima was scared but when the diver asked her if she was okay, she knew he was going to help her and gave her baby. Now Naima tells her that she would like to meet the agent and asks the government for an opportunity to have a future for herself and her children in Spain.

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