The judge examines whether a Podemos worker has been employed to care for the children of Irene Montero and Pablo Iglesias.

Publication: Monday March 8, 2021 9:19 PM

The judge investigating the funding of Podemos accepted the prosecutor’s request and opened an investigation line to determine whether party funds could be allocated to the hiring of the caregiver of the children of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero.

In addition, the head of investigative court number 42 in Madrid, Juan José Escalonilla, opened two other avenues of investigation on the basis of the complaint of lawyer Mónica Carmona, dismissed from Podemos.

The first will try to determine whether the training funds could have been diverted to the Foundation of the 25M Institute, directed by Juan Carlos Monedero; and the second to determine whether Pablo Iglesias was able to retain the legal costs of the legal proceedings initiated by the formation.

However, the judge rejected “the appeal for reform filed by Attorney General Isabel Afonso Rodríguez, on behalf of the PODEMOS political party, against the order issued in this case on February 3, 2.021”.

And he asks to investigate “the alleged use by Irene Montero Gil of a person paid by the party as a babysitter of their children”, as well as “the donation made by Podemos to the project of the Paulo Freire popular school through the Foundation of the said political party: “Investigating Tribunal of the Institute n ° 42 of Madrid” and “the donations made by the said political party to the said Foundation”.

A resolution signed on March 8 and on which Podemos will have five days to appeal.

Other lines of research

Escalonilla had already filed in October the case of the alleged unfair administration of the party’s Solidarity Fund, attributed to spokesman Rafael Mayoral by the former lawyer of the purple formation José Manuel Calvente.

The judge acknowledged in his order that there was no evidence of the alleged B cabal of the Iglesias party and stressed that the facts “are not incidentally indicative of an allegedly unfair administration of the Podemos Solidarity Fund cash by Rafael Mayoral. “

“Ningún indicio exists de que dicha asociación no desarrolle la actividad para la que fue constituida, ni tampoco y por tanto que dichas cantidades recibidas de Podemos, pudiendo come from the Caja de Solidaridad, no lo sean sino para llevar a efecto dicha actividad”, apuntó the judge.

For the moment, the investigation remains open for the contracts of the Iglesias party with the agency Neurona Comunidad.

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