The judge files the investigation on Podemos for the reforms at his seat

Madrid judge number 42, Juan José Escalonilla, who is investigating the funding of Podemos, filed the part concerning the reform of the Morados headquarters, after doing the same with the part referring to his solidarity fund. According to a car to which laSexta had access, there is no evidence that this money was used for other expenses or concepts that were not those of the rehabilitation.

Thus, since there is no evidence of a “distraction of the money intended for the execution of the rehabilitation works of the building located at Calle Francisco Villaespesa nº 18 in Madrid, for payments or other works as those of said rehabilitation “, Judge Escalonilla agrees to dismiss the case.

According to the magistrate, the absence of a public call for tenders does not constitute an offense and although the call for tenders and the awarding of prices between the two do not coincide, “it was due to an evaluation of the works. in the basic project and in the execution project not in conformity with the market value “. The objective, specifies the judge in the aforementioned ordinance, is to pay” a lower amount for the tax of construction, installations and works ” and not that it was used for payments unrelated to the reform.

The judge refuses to withdraw the status of the accused

In a second order, Judge Escalonilla refuses to reject the party as a legal entity and harshly criticizes the party for its internal control mechanisms.

“We do not see that the regulatory compliance program or the ‘compliance guides’ of the political party Podemos are effective, which determines that under investigation in this case, the possible commission by executive positions of said political party of an alleged crime of illegal financing, if there are indications of the commission of said crime, said political party would also be criminally responsible, ”said the clad in the text, opening the door only if irregularities in the regulations legal on his funding are detected, he can be held responsible at the game.

You have already submitted the file to your ‘box B’

Escalonilla had already filed in October the file of the alleged unfair administration of the party’s Solidarity Fund, attributed to spokesman Rafael Mayoral by the former lawyer of the purple formation José Manuel Calvente.

Judge Juan José Escalonilla admitted in his order that there was no evidence of the so-called B cabal of the Iglesias party and stressed that the facts “did not incidentally indicate an allegedly unfair administration of the cash from the Fund. Podemos solidarity by Rafael Mayoral “.

“Nothing indicates that the said association does not develop the activity for which it was constituted, nor, and consequently, that the said amounts received from Podemos, the Solidarity Fund may come from, are not but to carry out the said activity, “the judge said.

For the moment, the investigation remains open for the contracts of the Iglesias party with the agency Neurona Comunidad.

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