The judge files the PSOE complaint against Vox for the cartel of foreign minors in the metro

A Madrid judge lodged the PSOE complaint against Vox for allegations of hatred and electoral crimes, for a poster on unaccompanied foreign minors of the electoral campaign in the Community of Madrid.

In a car, according to the EFE Agency, the investigating judge n ° 53 of Madrid decrees the closing of the case by failing to assess the indications according to which the facts denounced constitute a crime.

On the VOX election poster you can see an old woman on one side and a migrant child on the other with the text “Un ore 4.700 euros per month, your grandmother 426 euros pension / month” with the slogan “Protect Madrid, vote safely”.

The Madrid Court’s response to the prosecution’s appeal is still pending, after the judge refused to remove the posters as a precaution. According to the prosecutor’s office, the characterization of a non-national minor in the manner displayed on the advertising poster constitutes “a negative, intolerant and damaging stigma” towards the group as a whole.

It also affirms that it generates “hostility and social rejection towards these minors, their objectification and dehumanization, and constitutes an attack on the dignity of the whole group”; something which, for the prosecution, was done “publicly by placing the poster in one of the metro stations with the greatest influx of users of the public transport service”.

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