The judge rules out the existence of a box B in Podemos and closes this part of the case

Publication: Friday 23 October 2020 14:20

The head of the 42nd investigating court in Madrid, which is investigating Podemos, lodged a complaint for alleged unfair administration of the party’s Solidarity Fund, attributed to spokesman Rafael Mayoral by the former lawyer of the purple formation José Manuel Calvente .

Judge Juan José Escalonilla acknowledges in his order, to which laSexta had access, that there is no evidence of the so-called B cabal of the Iglesias party and stresses that the facts << are not incidentally indicative of an alleged unfair administration of the liquidity of the Solidarity Fund of Podemos by Rafael Mayoral ".

“There is nothing to indicate that the said association does not exercise the activity for which it was constituted, nor, and therefore, that the said amounts received from Podemos, which may come from the Solidarity Fund, are only used to exercise this activity, ”he says. the judge.

In his writings, Escalonilla underlines that the party collects money thanks to crowfunding and stresses that “it is not abnormal or strange” that the resources of the Solidarity Fund “are intended for foundations or movements close to the party” or to organizations in which there are members of the party “who carry out their own activities considered eligible by the said Solidarity Fund”.

This is the second case accepted by the judge after having closed the line of inquiry regarding the contracts that Podemos signed with the Portuguese consultancy firm ABD Europa corresponding to the general elections of April 2019.

For the moment, the investigation remains open for the contracts of the Iglesias party with the Neurona Comunidad agency.

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