The key solution for the digitization of SMEs, a priority objective for September

The key solution for the digitization of SMEs, a priority objective for September

In the wake of the pandemic, more and more users prefer to interact with a business only through digital means. Faced with this situation, from MADRID.PLUS, they offer a unique and complete solution to the digitization of SMEs in the community of Madrid.

“In March 2020, few of us expected it would take more than a year to go back to a store, share lunch with a colleague, or kiss our grandparents. But even so the Covid-19 pandemic suddenly took us a lot of what we took for granted also pushed us to adapt. We celebrated birthdays at Zoom and taught older family members to shop online. We shared some experiences. virtual dinners and reconnecting with friends from around the world who in our new digital world can be as close as those down the street. ”

According to a survey by McKinsey & Company of more than 20,000 Europeans, these changes have caused almost 70 million more people across Europe to use digital services for the first time in the past six months, the majority of respondents now preferring to interact with a business only through digital means.

It is not just consumers who have been forced to change due to the pandemic. Companies that have fallen behind in seizing digital opportunities have suddenly had to bring their businesses online in order to continue operating, although many are still in the process of making this transition or considering doing so.

From MADRID.PLUS, they offer SMEs and professionals in Madrid the possibility of digitizing their business to adapt to new times, offering different digitization plans that are complete or adapted to the needs of the business: website design, creation applications, logo design, corporate identity design, SEO positioning. Plan, SEM advertising plan, Competition study, Social media creation, Strategic planning, etc.

All this complemented by the possibility of being published in the MADRID.PLUS online directory, which improves the visibility and authority of the company. The authority of the company improves since only the best companies are published, using as a filter the opinions of users on social networks, specialized portals and / or the Google My Business file.

This last point, authority, is an important factor for users, because online trust is a determining factor to guarantee customer satisfaction, and going out in MADRID.PLUS is a differential point compared to the competition.

As the restrictions of the pandemic loosen and there is an increasing return to physical modes of interaction, there will be more at stake for a good online presence than just the digital acceptance of the year. last. When the pandemic emerges, people are prepared to spend and live with whatever has been lost. But they are also better informed about their options, after a year at home with the Internet and time to explore the diverse range of local brands and businesses available online.

The future is here to stay, and the digitization of SMEs is and will be a determining factor in their success.

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