The key to success

If no one knows that currently any process that goes through digitization will have higher levels of success, why would the services implemented by HR departments be any different?

Compensation and employee compensation plans are a good example.

Stuck in a too full-bodied and traditional system, where manual and face-to-face are still the usual technique of management processes, and in which new services adapted to our time of life have hardly been introduced, these types of plans call for a twist, a reinvention towards flexibility, personalization and, of course, towards digitalization.

Employees want to pocket whatever compensation plans they choose for their company so that they always take them with them.

They want to do this through technological applications that they can manage from any smartphone anywhere and at any time of the day and also benefit from packages in which they decide when, how and what. consume from a wide variety of services that improve their day. today.

1. Trends and compensation: maximum flexibility and digitization

On the 15th took place the fourth edition of the Digital HR Compensation and Remensation Congress and Cobee was one of the main sponsors. Personnel managers from some of the most important multinationals present in Spain at the time participated in this event.

And it is striking that the conclusions of each of them, regarding the future of compensation or flexible compensation plans, have four common denominators:

The need to obtain the greatest possible flexibility in compensation plans. In other words, to offer the greatest variety of services that we have within our reach as a company and to allow their selection à la carte by each of the beneficiary employees. The inevitable adaptation of these services to the new priorities of employees in order not only to add attractiveness to the proposal, but also to make it practical and profitable: the workforce is calling for private health insurance, physiotherapy, psychology and sports services; access to digital content platforms … In short, anything that can increase the physical and mental well-being of the employee as well as the consumption of leisure activities at home. HR commitment to innovation in every way: innovation when it comes to designing service packages that meet current needs, capable of mutating with the country’s social and economic circumstances, at the forefront of digitization … And this Last brings us to the next point … The total accessibility of the hand of technological tools capable of joining the process of digitization that we are currently experiencing. This circumstance allows companies to live up to the circumstances and expectations of the worker, to adapt to their current consumption habits and to provide them with a means of enjoying their benefits directly, immediately and independently, even in telework case. That is to say without having to go to the HR department for any modification or subscription to a new service.

2 Digital platforms: towards the success of compensation plans

Begoa Schoendorff, Director of Human Resources at Casino Gran Madrid, made it clear in her presentation: “Employee priorities have changed, traditional benefits are no longer worth it. We must rely on digital tools that allow us to be 100% flexible and to offer our employees what they really need ”.

In this sense, digital platforms and applications intended to facilitate the management of pension plans or flexible compensation services are consolidated as a fundamental element of this path towards innovation and flexibility.

In addition, they become a fundamental tool for HR departments who want to gain efficiency and speed in the management of these packages without increasing the workload to which they are already subjected.

Jos Luis Risco, Director of Human Resources at EY, put it this way: “Tools like Cobee will help us transform the traditional and innovate. Today, offering your employees a good compensation plan is essential for any human resources department ”.

3. Línea Directa and its commitment to Cobee: a success story

For Nacho Traves, vice president of sales at Cobee, the paradigm or obstacle that an HR department must overcome to be successful is clear: “It’s time to bring visibility to human resources. The key? Help you with platforms that allow you to create pay-as-you-go compensation plans, based on the needs of each employee ”.

And that is precisely what Lnea Directa did, which set up the technological tool and the management service designed by Cobee within the company.

Immediate benefits of this implementation? We could summarize them in the following points:

Reduction of administrative work and automation of processes within the company’s HR department. Increased employee interest in this type of product by checking its effectiveness and the savings it entails. Professionals who have experienced the benefits offered by the Cobee app, which teaches them through messages, for example, what they save with each consumption thanks to the benefits and tax incentives that come with the flexible compensation and compensation plans, do not. They take a long time to request the associated card for payment of services from the human resources department. The loyalty of the workers. In one year, Lnea Directa has succeeded in increasing employee membership in its compensation plans by more than 50%.

In fact, regarding this last aspect, Arancha Fernndez Martnez,

Head of the Direct Line Insurance Compensation Department, he commented during his speech how the setting up of Cobee marked a turning point in this regard within the company.

Before Cobee’s entry, Lnea Directa had 500 employees affiliated to its flexible compensation program, after that the number of affiliates grew to 300 more, in just one year, a noticeable impact on the membership rate and use of your flexible compensation plan thanks to an innovative and very simple platform.

Professionals have been the great prescribers of this technological tool, which they appreciated very positively for its simplicity and agility, and that they recommended themselves to other workers because they found that this system makes things much easier. thanks to its efficiency and transparency.

“Cobee sells us things that other platforms did not have and which were exactly what we were looking for, things that may seem obvious but that we did not have …”, underlined Arancha Fernndez during his intervention . It refers, for example, to the single direct payment card for all flexible remuneration services included in the package and which is associated with the tool implemented by Cobee.

This card, as well as the associated platform and mobile application, avoided many incidents for the HR department and greatly reduced their workload. “All this (the workload and the incidents) with Cobee disappears”, explains the manager at Lnea Directa, “with a very simple application which greatly increases the number of employees”.

Arancha Fernndez underlines that “we have a high satisfaction rate from our employees and everything has been much easier (…), every day we have new requests to enter the program.” Indeed, and at the request of the workers themselves, the staff will soon have the digital version of the Cobee payment card.

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