The keys to effective business communication in the second wave of the coronavirus


The keys to effective business communication in the second wave of the coronavirus

Communication, both internal and external, has increased in importance in the COVID-19 pandemic

BY RRHHDigital, 03:30 – 09 November 2020

Faced with this critical moment of the pandemic, where the measures carried out by the Spanish government evolve practically on a daily basis, sowing great confusion among the population and making the headlines of all the media, companies are wondering how they can communicate and impact, to the shadow of Covid-19. While the solution is not to stop and let time pass while waiting for a better time, one in which content beyond the coronavirus has its place, but to know how to adapt and be able to transmit the message in the appropriate way, in a way that impacts in the reader and the bond between the brand and the customer is strengthened. In this sense, the 3AW agency, as communications and strategy consultants, gives us the keys to achieve effective communication in the era of the information monotheme:

Knowing how to adapt the content to the situation: it is not only a question of generating interesting information for readers, linked to current topics and linked to the time of year, but also of knowing how to adapt to the environment, the emotional state of people and its new day by day marked by constant changes. Avoid communicating when it is irrelevant and avoid focusing on the long term, as it may lack truthfulness. Look for the new needs of consumers: society’s lifestyles have completely changed and, with them, new needs are appearing, both physical and mental. You need to know how to find the content that the consumer needs and demands. Tips, entertainment and news beyond the coronavirus, to keep you informed and improve your mood. Take care of the tone and style: In an age marked by negative news, angst and uncertainty, a breath of fresh air is always welcome. Adapting the communication in a direct, positive and stimulating tone, avoiding the commercial and advertising tone to show empathy with the consumer will be one of the main points to follow in our communication strategy. Highlight the values: it’s time to bring out the more united side of our brand and to highlight the principles that characterize it, so that we can build a stable and lasting connection with the consumer. Being transparent and open to communicate is a good opportunity to communicate a version of ourselves that otherwise we could not impact the user. Multichannel communication: In the current scenario, we find an even more digital consumer who, to find information, uses several channels, even simultaneously. For this reason, it is important that we use the different platforms to reach the user, as part of the strategy, tailoring the message to each format and type of reader. However, in addition to conventional channels such as print or online media, radio and television, one medium that cannot be lacking in your communication is the use of social networks, as they have the potential to reach your target directly. , depending on the social network. used (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Other frequently used channels are blogs, which allow businesses to connect emotionally with their customers and prospects; and e-mailing and newsletters, which allow the personalized sending of e-mails with content of interest.

In the words of Miguel ngel Rodriguez, global COO of 3AW, “any well-managed crisis can become an opportunity. Right now is when a good communication strategy is needed most, because what we do now will be decisive to stay in the market or even strengthen us against the competition. Also, this moment will also be key to reflect and generate new ideas for the company ”.

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