The keys to facing telework in a healthy way

In March of last year, many workers were forced to radically change their working habits and thousands of offices and workplaces were deserted, giving way to a massive introduction of teleworking. Companies and employees who could do this introduced teleworking, generating a new scenario that brought many benefits, but also some difficulties.

Adems of the obvious importancia of permanence in casa para evitar the expansin of Covid-19, el teletrabajo sirvi para demostrar que el trabajo es posible y para evidenciar las ventajas que supone suprimir miles de desplazamientos diarios, tanto para el bienestar personal como para el environment.

However, throughout this year, side effects of teleworking have also been revealed, such as difficulty in maintaining team motivation and people-to-people bonding due to the isolation of each worker, loss of learning. collaborative, difficulty disconnecting from work, excessive sedentary lifestyle. , postural and ocular overload, or physical and emotional fatigue that accumulates over the months.

In this sense, experts advise maintaining a stable routine that separates the working day from private life. First of all, you have to create a specific, comfortable, organized and well-lit workspace. This will allow you to work without distractions and to disconnect more easily at the end of the work day. Another important aspect is to establish hourly routines similar to those performed face to face, with the necessary breaks throughout the day and at the end time.

In this sense, Dr Javier Aranceta, coordinator of Nueva Vida Alimentaria explains that “in this daily program, it is essential to organize our meals, the breaks to eat, hydrate and the menu. In this way, we will avoid improvising and this could lead to an unbalanced or unhealthy diet ”.

Nueva Vida Alimentaria has developed a list of healthy habits for coping with telework, with which she can help normalize working hours at home through a series of guidelines that will help improve the habits acquired during these months and to improve the mood and health of the future state. And it is not only questions related to diet, which must be regularized and at fixed times, but also some advice related to the physical activity to be practiced and other aspects related to ergonomics and environment are included in this document. “new office” is located.

For Dr Rafael Urrialde, professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, “during professional activities at home, it is essential to change your posture and get up from your chair every 45 to 60 minutes, doing exercises of stretching. Also try to maintain meetings or telematic connections with colleagues, being integrated into emotional working relationships helps maintain the mood more adequately, physical and emotional balance is important to maintain for periods of time, more or more . shorter, in which the work activity is carried out at home ”.

Through the Nueva Vida website via Alimentacin, you can find information, advice and support material with which this initiative aims to help the population maintain a good nutritional profile, based on health, in the Mediterranean way of life. not to mention the usual moderate physical activity, which helps to improve the emotional situation.

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