The keys to facing the new normal of hybrid work in companies


The keys to facing the new normal of hybrid work in companies

The new normal of hybrid mode still does not guarantee the protection of sensitive information by companies and users

BY RRHHDigital, 3:30 p.m. – March 10, 2021

The pandemic has forced many businesses and individuals to rethink the way they work so far. The need to minimize movement and interaction has made working from home or reducing hours of in-person work more and more common. However, the new normal of hybrid mode still does not guarantee the protection of sensitive information by businesses and users.

In this sense, Kingston, the independent world leader in memory products and technological solutions, underlines through its report “Current state of mobile and corporate data security in Spain” that despite the fact that the major concerns of companies continue to be the leak of (60%) and experience cyber attacks (58%), only 21% allocate more than 7% of their budget to their IT department and less than half use data encryption. Another factor that slows down an efficient and safe transition is the lack of employee training with the risk that this entails. Therefore, the company emphasizes the importance of protecting corporate and personal information so that companies can better carry out this transition:

For the user: with this change in working model, companies must facilitate the flow of their most confidential data in order to facilitate the work of their employees from anywhere. The problem is that the devices used for this purpose can get lost, leaving all the information stored there in jeopardy. In order to protect all this data under all circumstances, Kingston has a series of encrypted USB drives, which can protect corporate data anywhere, such as the DataTraveler Vault Privacy, which protects 100% of stored data and has a password system. , which is blocked after 10 unsuccessful attempts, and which will secure the data under all circumstances. For the employee with mobile business equipment: Due to the introduction of the hybrid work format, company computers have been moved to workers’ homes, which will need to support storage capacity and performance increased. For this, Kingston has the KC2500 unit, which will make the equipment much smoother and be protected against any threats, since it has XTS-AES protection. For enterprise servers: the current landscape is forcing businesses to support a heavier workload, there is a lot more data stored in enterprise devices and therefore having the right ones is essential. SSDs that have the right capacity not to saturate the company network and ensure the protection of stored files. For its part, Kingston has a portfolio of DC (Data Center) SSDs ideal for data centers. These devices include NVMe U.2 DC1000M SSDs, which feature end-to-end protection capable of ensuring the security of all stored documents and files, also adding their high storage capacity and the best performance of the apparatus. .

“Ultimately, to achieve a secure transformation and for businesses not to continue to take unnecessary risks, it is critical that businesses invest more in the right devices that can protect all corporate files, data and information. whether they are in the office or elsewhere. location. Despite the fact that the situation is starting to improve, many companies, after the situation experienced in these months, will want to adopt a hybrid working model permanently and for this it is urgent to have the best devices always within reach. hand. Except for all the work that is done anywhere, ”says Pedro Gonzlez, business developer from Kingston, Spain.

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