The keys to getting started with the new teleworking law

Signaturit, a leading Spanish technology company in the field of trust services for electronic signature and document delivery and user identification, addressed the fundamental points of the new law on teleworking and provided to its clients a legal model of the teleworking agreement that employees must sign.

Thus, the Spanish legaltech seeks to help companies and their professionals to know how to implement all the measures that regulate the provision of remote work.

For this, he had the advice of experts in the field such as Carlos de Fuentes, doctor and professor of labor law and social security at the Complutense University of Madrid and the Institute of Burstiles studies and Pau Mestre, responsible for Legal Signaturit.

During a digital debate session, which you can consult on the Signaturit website, under the name of “Teleworking law: legal and practical aspects to implement the new royal decree”, the experts reviewed the key points of this law and which will allow businesses and professionals in human resources and legal services to apply it in a simple and efficient manner.

Among the most important points, the experts investigated whether in a telecommuting situation, the company must bear or compensate for the expenses of the employees, as well as provide them with the equipment, tools and means with which she intends to do their job. Likewise, daily working hours and digital disconnection must be guaranteed by implementing a specific digital disconnection policy.

In addition, this new telework or distance work contract must be agreed voluntarily between the worker and the company and must be formalized in writing specifying the conditions of execution and, once the agreement has been formalized, the agency for employment must be notified within a maximum period of ten days.

Faced with this dilemma, Signaturit offers its clients a legal model of teleworking agreement that companies and employees must sign. During the session, Marc Piqueras, Channel Manager of Signaturit, demonstrated how this model works, hosted on the platform, and how companies can send the telework agreement to their employees, ensuring the validity legal document.

Also during the session, which is the first in a series of meetings with experts that will address strictly current trade issues, Carlos de Fuentes spoke about the starting point of the new telework regulation, the main objective of which is to “define who is considered in the spectrum of teleworking who are none other than those who can use the tools provided by digitization to carry out their tasks at a distance”. Moreover, the doctor in labor law wanted to emphasize “The role fundamental to collective bargaining in order to go a little deeper into aspects that still need to be specified ”.

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