The keys to integrating the positive impact in a company from the position of CEO


The keys to integrating the positive impact in a company from the position of CEO

Paradigma Digital technology and Hijos de Rivera, producer of the famous Estrella de Galicia beer, have promoted a strategic transformation project to integrate impact into the company’s business model

BY RRHHDigital, 13:30 – 17 November 2020

The pandemic has clearly demonstrated the prominence of private companies as agents of change, in many cases making a reality of the roadmap set by the UN 2030 Agenda for the achievement of development goals. sustainable (SDG). However, according to Paradigma Digital, a Spanish multinational specializing in the digital transformation of companies, many companies today still associate the social object with a CSR project instead of placing it at the center of the economic model.

Aware that the companies of the future are the main agents of change and that a company can also commit to solving the great social and environmental challenges of our planet, Hijos de Rivera, a family business that produces the famous beer Estrella Galicia, and Paradigma Digital wanted to share its experience on how to successfully integrate the positive impact on the company. For Ignacio Rivera, CEO of Hijos de Rivera “putting people at the center, having happy people is a concern of our company” and for this he agreed to underline, with Ignacio Cabrera, co-founder of Paradigma, the following key aspects to integrate the positive impact in a company:

Don’t be complex in finding the positive impact your business is generating. Regardless of the type of business, “we all have to look for our purpose, the value we bring to society, what we are sure to have,” says Ignacio Rivera, CEO of Hijos de Rivera. For Ignacio Cabrera, co-founder of Paradigma, where? “There is a link between the company and its objective. The success of a company depends on its ability to integrate transversally its social purpose, its value proposition ”. Create a common language within the company in which everyone understands that they have a positive impact on each business model. “Understanding the positive social, environmental and economic impact attached to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework is the first thing we do with our clients. Create this culture, specify a common language of what positive impact is and transfer it to the whole company in an initial training phase before continuing with a diagnosis and seeing the starting point of our client, ”explains Cabrera. Place positive impact at the center of the business model. The positive impact is not limited to a project resulting solely from the CSR department, it is transversal to the company and is generated by all of the company’s stakeholders. In the case of EstrellaGalicia, the transversality of positive impact is a reality: “we have involved 77 people in 140 new initiatives with positive impact”, says Rivera. Methodology and technology If the center and the first pillar of a business are people, the second, in Paradigma Digitale Hijos de Rivera’s experience, is methodology and the third is the use of technology to facilitate and accelerate work process. As Paradigma explains “in the case of Estrella Galicia, the methodology is essential since we have 18 different departments with more than 60 people working remotely at the same time in a collaborative way and we started the project at the beginning of March in the midst of a health crisis. , a great challenge ”. Define strategic priorities: It is essential to analyze the value chain of the company by crossing it with the objectives of sustainable development. “The strategy in the case of Estrella Galicia consists of 4 pillars which include aspects such as local economy, rural conservation, circular economy, climate emergency, water care, equality gender, entrepreneurship or responsible investment. “Action plan involving all areas Once the strategic priorities have been specified, an action plan is defined and the areas to be involved in the company. From purchasing, industry or logistics to more transversal areas such as innovation, marketing, HR or digital, all areas of the company lead a concrete action plan with objectives and key lines of action Ideas for solutions Based on the positive impact of business model, generate concrete projects for sustainable development issues integrated into the company. “We work with the client through project ideation sessions that can solve the sustainability challenges of the business model. We inspire all of them. areas through benchmarking sessions with the best success stories and benchmarks in impact at the international level. We combine this inspiration with joint idea sessions generating projects that transform the business world. commercial model and promote sustainability. “explain from Paradigm Prioritization, government and management. It is necessary to prioritize the projects taking into account the positive impact that each of these projects will have, the return for the company and the complexity of the project for its execution. “In the case of Estrella Galicia, we have generated 29 strategic projects, not all of them, but In many cases, digitization and technology play a key role,” they point out in Hijos de Rivera Visibility. Positive impact is a key factor for the success of our customers, so we need to communicate it. “We want to be a key factor in the success of our clients and positive impact is a key factor in their success and for that we have to transfer this impact to our clients”, concludes Rivera.

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