The keys to know to make your CV stand out in the pinnacle of digitization


The keys to know to make your CV stand out in the pinnacle of digitization

The startup StudentFinance offers its help to those looking for a job or a professional reinvention, with these aspects that cannot be missing in your CV

BY RRHHD Digital, 11:00 a.m. – August 17, 2021

Today’s world of work is becoming more and more complex, constantly increasing its barriers to entry and posing a challenge for those who want to enter it, take a professional turn or improve their conditions. The advancement of technology has generated a paradigm shift in the work environment and it is essential that potential employees are at the forefront of the professional market. Under this premise, the fintech StudentFinance explains which aspects cannot be missing from your CV in full digitalization to attract the attention of talent recruiters:

Show your knowledge in new skills. It is undeniable that languages ​​have been and will be the key to qualifying for a better job, however, today there is a new language that has become indispensable, such as the programming language or software of various types. The digitalization of the environment brings us to the need to acquire new skills and brings great advantages in a globalized and interconnected world. Knowing how to use the essential programs common to all businesses is something you should have covered if you don’t want to be left behind. Showcase your skills. As important as having knowledge is having dexterity when performing tasks. Skills are so important that many companies have a talent department, which is reflected in the ability to function in a changing work environment. Leadership, proactivity, teamwork, adaptability or the ability to solve problems are factors that make us unique and define our role. Choose the characteristics that define you, value them to the maximum and highlight them visually. Includes experiences beyond the work environment. We all know how necessary it is to have work experience, something that is in high demand and little offered. But that’s not all. It is also important to know what you have been doing in addition to working. Dynamic training, volunteering, own initiatives and projects, even more so in an increasingly sensitive and conscious world. Showing that there are interests and concerns for having experiences beyond a job says a lot about who a person is and helps you base your skills on those experiences. Bringing together different areas of the curriculum will make whatever you say gain consistency and have a foundation. Pamper the design, it counts just like the content. In the current digital age we find ourselves in, the traditional pdf is enough for us. There are many original options that allow us to disseminate information without it being draining on the eyes. Let us not forget that being an ace in all of the above is of little use if we are not able to pass it on. Remember, it’s the little details that make the difference and so opt for a video resume, improve the use of RRSS or use React technology to make graphical components with which to structure our information. Keep it short and to the point. Compared to the above, it is important to be simple. Yes, this is to prove that we are valid, but remember that anyone who sees our program will only spend a few seconds to see it. That is why we have to say the most in the least space. We should not use long explanations or developments, but keywords that catch the attention of those who read us and leave time to convey a lot in a short time, ordering the information we want to highlight by order of importance.

According to Mariano Kosteclec, CEO of StudentFinance, “Today more than ever we need to be at the forefront to achieve our work goals and, for that, our program must also be up to date. From StudentFinance, we help people access quality employment, by providing our students with the necessary assistance in terms of training, financing or advice, to adapt their cover letter to the needs of companies and thus maximize the opportunities to access the job they dream of ”.

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