the keys to successfully managing outsourcing teams

In recent years, we have witnessed an incredible expansion of the Agile methodology in all professional fields. Beyond the software development environment in which it was born and consolidated, there are many areas of work that assume this model as a framework partially, totally or even as the central philosophy of the organization.

The Agile concept is a work methodology characterized by the collaboration, transparency and evaluation of each professional on the project. This model focuses work to highlight people-centered values, such as collaboration or initiative, with the aim of making processes more flexible and identifying areas for improvement.

But how can this methodology help manage external teams? Entelgy, TheBusinessTechConsultancy, a digital transformation consulting firm, explains what are the assets to foster an Agile mindset in outsourcing:

Change of model

First, the integration of an Agile mentality in the company, on its own, requires a complete organizational transformation and with it, the “classic” outsourcing model is being renewed, eliminating organizational silos and shared structures. , team independence and automation, in the sense of performing repetitive tasks without having to analyze, to move to a completely transparent, horizontal and circular model

Until now, the principles of outsourcing an activity have been fundamentally the limitation of the activity, the possibility of being able to monitor and evaluate the performance through KPIs, which established a system designed for repetitive, standardized and subdued activities. a structured model. However, this concept comes up against the Agile state of mind in which open structures and a new relationship between customer and supplier are established.

Business growth

A lean culture encourages productivity and promotes business growth, if the company manages to integrate this methodology as a mindset in all departments and areas. In outsourcing, it’s very common to establish a highly hierarchical relationship between customer and supplier, but with Agile that is a thing of the past. What is called distributed agile is a model that allows organizations to transform their traditional outsourcing models into an associative model in which customer and supplier work together as equals with the mindset of a single team to understand needs. of the end user and deliver the best. solution.

Focus on people

To show the benefits of transforming outsourcing with the Agile Outsourcing philosophy, we must focus primarily on people, especially their motivation, communication between them and also the establishment of collaborative environments that allow knowledge management of productively. An agile culture considerably strengthens the area of ​​human resources. Far from its mission of identifying and recruiting talents, this space has the fundamental role of laying the foundations for any change in culture in a company and absolutely values ​​all the professionals of a company, whether internal or external.

Transparency and communication

In these times when face-to-face communication is complicated, the agile culture is a great ally, since its mission is to give complete visibility to everything that happens in the company. In this sense, as every detail of internal processes is transparent, all professionals will have a complete and real-time vision that will allow them to face the obstacles that arise, to changes or, ultimately, to adapt to each situation of appropriate way. In addition, all staff will thus have a shared vision of the common project.

“At Entelgy, we encourage all companies to immerse themselves in the agile culture as a business philosophy, as it allows them to be more productive in an environment in which we must maintain a high level of competitiveness, such as ‘outsourcing,’ says Fernando Naranjo. , director of Entelgy Outsourcing. “Today’s businesses need continuous adaptability and the use of Agile methodologies has become a vital necessity.”

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