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Updated: Monday, July 19, 2021 1:01 PM

Posted: 07.19.2021 12:59 PM

Two summers after Franco’s exhumation from the Vallée des Tombés, it is now the turn of the Benedictine congregation that lives there. The religious will have to leave the enclave after the approval, scheduled for Tuesday, of the new Democratic Memory law. This is the second standard in this area that is promulgated in our country.

Fourteen years later, the Council of Ministers will promote new legislation to correct the gaps left by the previous legal text, in particular in view of the advances both in the field of human rights and in the legislative field.

The articles of the law, which will take the form of a royal decree, revolve around four principles: truth, justice, reparation and the duty to remember international humanitarian law. And, for this reason, and supported by various obligatory reports like that of the General Council of Magistracy (CGPJ), it will protect the Government in the desacralization and the resignification of the Valley of the Fallen.

Commemoration and didactic: nothing to praise

Thanks to the Carmen Calvo law, as the new Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, added during the presentation of the project, places of democratic memory, such as the Basilica of Cuelgamuros, will now have only and exclusively commemorative functions. and educational. No excuses or exaltation: there is no more praise possible than democratic praise.

Thus, those close to these reprisals whose remains are buried in the Valley of the Fallen will be able to recover them because they see their claims recognized as rights. The Foundation of the Holy Cross of the Valley of the Fallen is also declared extinct, and the religious who live in the enclave are left without authority or power. His departure is not ordered, but he urges negotiations with the Church to establish it.

This also means that the organization will stop receiving grants from the national heritage for the management of the site, which amounted to 340,000 euros per year.

Franco’s sentences canceled

The context is clear: the government understands that the regulations and framework by which the Valley of the Dead has acted, including its patrimonial regime, are governed by unconstitutional principles and values.

This is not the only measure. The Council of Ministers also pronounces the nullity of all Francoist sentences, those pronounced during the civil war itself and those of the dictatorship. Here are gathered all the accusations made by political, ideological, conscience or religious beliefs, as well as sexual orientation.

This category includes the deliberations of the Councils of War, the Special Tribunal for the Repression of Freemasonry and Communism, the Tribunal for Public Order and Professional Sanitation.

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