The keys to working cool without adding to your air conditioning bill

Teleworking in summer: the keys to working in a cool place without your air conditioning bill going up

This summer will be the first where we experience the new electricity tariffs that went into effect on June 1. Air conditioning can save us many hot afternoons and nights, but also remind us of the end of the month with a high electricity bill. For this reason, Lucera, the company that is committed to energy efficiency with 100% national renewable energy that belongs to the MASMOVIL group, has prepared some tips so that we can save as much as possible this summer and reduce consumption. energy, in particular with air conditioning.

According to data from Lucera, it is estimated that the use of air conditioning will be up to 16% cheaper in the flat and 42% in the valley, although, on the other hand, the price will be increased by 52% in the tip hours with the new unified tariff. In fact, we only look 20% of peak hours with the new tariff, as most of the hours of the week are off-peak or fixed.

So how do we deal with the heat the rest of the day so that our bills don’t skyrocket? There are several things we can do:

The organization according to the bands will be the key: Taking into account that the cheap hours (the hours of the valley) are at dawn, during the day we must reduce as much as possible the use of these devices in the hours plates, the second cheapest, that they occupy the slots from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. Fortunately, the hottest hours of the afternoon coincide with this rate, so now is the perfect time to turn on our devices. During the weekend, yes, we will have every hour at the same price, the cheapest, to be able to turn it on when we need it, but always with responsibility. Energy efficiency label if we change equipment: buying or renovating our household appliances with this type of label will be the key to saving on our bill by consuming less energy. Type of system we have: As for what system we should have at home, it depends on a lot of things. Centralized air costs more than a single air unit, but if we have more than one, they can equal the consumption of a centralized installation. But if it is highly energy efficient it can have the same consumption, or even less than several devices. We need to know if we need more than one device, if they are going to stay on for a long time, etc. There is also the advantage that with centralization the whole house cools evenly and there are no temperature jumps in the house itself and no disharmony. The temperature matters: keeping the temperature of the devices or the centralized system between 24 and 26 degrees is another of the tips that we can apply in our home for this summer. Note that the temperature difference between the outside and the inside should not exceed 12C. Cleaning and Maintenance: It is important to keep the air conditioning clean, especially the filters, and to follow the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. Optimal cleaning and maintenance are essential for proper and efficient operation of devices, resulting in greater efficiency and energy savings. Insulating the house: Insulating windows and doors in the best possible way, and using awnings and blinds correctly, will save us up to 30% on air conditioning this summer.

Regarding consumption, air conditioners consume an average of 65kW, a figure that increases in warmer areas and in single-family homes, per month in the summer period, 26% higher than that which is made compared to some less hot ones like the spring or fall. They also represent 7.5% of the energy we consume in our home. This percentage is predictable that it will increase in the summer, but it reflects that these are not the most expensive household appliances that we find to use in our homes, although this summer they must be used more conscientiously. .

“It will be a different summer than the others. We will have to be aware of the time slots and consumption or devices turned on, ”commented Emilio Bravo, CEO of Lucera. “In many parts of our country it will be difficult not to use air conditioners, but unfortunately this is what we will have to control so that it does not have an alarming impact on our bill at the end of the month.”

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