The King Emeritus’ international travel costs amount to 111,000 euros between 2016 and 2019

Updated: Thursday, March 4, 2021 8:30 p.m.

Published on: 03/04/2021 20:09

How many trips abroad has the King Emeritus made in the last 15 years of national heritage and at what cost? To this question, formulated by the spokesperson for Compromis in the Senate, Carles Mulet, the government had to answer.

The Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Courts and Democratic Remembrance reported that Juan Carlos I’s international travel expenses, over the past four years (of which the recordings are recorded), amount to more than 111 000 euros.

More specifically, in 2016, the expense was estimated at 22,998.54 euros; at 27,226.95 euros for the year 2017; in 2018 approximately 26,112.70 euros; and in 2019, 35,417.94 euros would have been allocated to their trips.

Two tax regularizations in a few months

Recently, Juan Carlos I paid 4.4 million to the Treasury as part of a second tax regularization. An operation that took place after its regularization last December, when it spent around 700,000 euros.

In this case, the King Emeritus paid more than four million for the trips paid for by the company of his distant cousin Álvaro of Orleans, although he disassociated himself from the regularization.

Now the Treasury has asked Juan Carlos I for the invoice for his thefts. According to sources from the tax administration at LaSexta, this procedure is part of the investigation, which is ongoing, and will serve to verify that the regularization of the emeritus has been carried out correctly.

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