The King Emeritus received the 4 million business friends for the second and possibly last payment to the Treasury

Publication: Friday, February 26, 2021 1:36 PM

King Juan Carlos I turned to several Spanish business friends to pay more than four million euros to the Treasury, according to “El Español”. A regularization with the treasury which, according to the “Ser”, could be the last after having also paid nearly 700,000 euros last December.

This second payment, specifies the lawyer of the emeritus in a press release, was made “without prior requirement” by the tax administration. And for the moment there will be no control of the origin of this amount.

From the prosecution, they argue at LaSexta that this is a tax issue and that, therefore, it depends on the tax administration and the Ministry of Finance. As to whether it will be verified that everything has been done in order, which has already been done during the first regularization, they indicate that “everything is taking its course and there is no more information to this topic”.

Once this second regularization has been carried out, the legal team of Juan Carlos I estimates that there will be no more third payment. With these transactions, your advisers try to avoid a tax crime lawsuit.

The objective of the former head of state was to assume this payment during the first operation, in December, but it was delayed due to the difficulty in meeting the amount paid. This time, Juan Carlos I did not use the bank liquidity line he used for the first regularization, but this time he contacted business friends to sign loans with them and raise enough money. ‘silver.

This second payment of 4,395,901.96 euros corresponds to “income from the support, by the Zagatka Foundation, of certain travel expenses and services rendered by SM from which certain regularized tax obligations could arise”. This is indicated in a press release issued by Javier Sánchez-Junco, the lawyer emeritus.

In view of this new information, EH Bildu, ERC, JxCAT, PdeCAT and BNG have registered an initiative in which they request the appearance of the Minister of Finance, the anti-corruption prosecution and the director of the tax administration to explain under what “circumstances, conditions and modalities there was the opaque regularization of four million euros, of dubious origin, by Juan Carlos de Borbón “.

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