The kitchen judge summons two notaries to check Jorge Fernández Díaz’s text message

Posted: Thursday, November 26, 2020 10:37 PM

The judge of the national court Manuel García-Castellón, in charge of the Kitchen case, summoned the two notaries to which the former Secretary of State for Security Francisco Martínez went to deliver the messages allegedly drafted by the former minister of the Interior Jorge Fernández Díaz. . These messages suggest that the former minister was aware of Operation Kitchen.

The magistrate responds to the anti-corruption prosecutor’s request to summon the two notaries following the confrontation between the former Minister of the Interior and the one who was his number two in this department about his involvement in the espionage of Bárcenas to obtain compromising information for the leaders of the PP.

In the order to which LaSexta accepted, the judge argues that “a better investigation of the facts advises to know the version of the two authorizing notaries”. Although the two notaries are called to testify as witnesses, the notary who recorded the messages to Mahón Alberto Vela, the judge extends the condition to be investigated for a crime of violation of secrets so that he can go to the declaration with a lawyer.

García-Castellón also cited two of the main defendants in the case that were investigated: Commissioner Enrique García Castaño and former Deputy Director of National Police Operations Eugenio Pino Sánchez to question them on ” the origin ”of the messages that“ Fernández Díaz claimed that they could have been routed by agents. “

The judge wants to know if the messages that spoke of Sergio Ríos, driver and confidant of the Bárcenas police, or the knowledge of the “cecilios” of Operation Kitchen could have been sent by García Castaño and Pino and transmitted by Fernández Díaz to Martínez . The former minister ensures that he did not write these messages because they have the language of an “operation”.

Fernández Díaz maintains that the messages that his then subordinate recorded in front of a notary may have been manipulated, which Martínez categorically denies, which during the confrontation assured: “I am not a ‘hacker’ or a forger . ” He took them to the notary – he added – not to “incriminate” anyone, but to protect himself, because he had been placed “under the absolute shadow of the suspicion” of having set up an operation , while he only asked what the minister had asked him. .

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