The Labor Inspectorate extended the working day by 40,765 contracts in 2019

The Labor and Social Security Inspectorate carried out 40,765 working time extensions in 2019 following its actions against the irregular use of part-time hiring, exceeding the maximum figures reached so far.

This emerges from the Inspectorate’s annual report for the 2019 financial year consulted by Servimedia in which, among other things, the actions relating to part-time work are detailed.

The Inspectorate carried out 25,502 actions in 2019, 10.7% less than in 2018, which however led to an increase in the number of working hours. More specifically, 40,765 working hours extensions were determined, or 29.3% more than in 2018, which shows “a higher level of efficiency of the inspection activity”, according to the report . Of the overall figure, 22,412 extensions corresponded to women and 18,353 to men.

The development of the “ Master Plan for Decent Work ” for the period 2018-2020 involved the implementation in August 2019 of a new shock plan against the irregular use of part-time hiring, responsible for 22,355 total working hours increases, involving 15.03% of workers affected by this emergency plan. In 12,305 cases, increases of 50% or more of the initially declared working day were determined.

On the other hand, the report includes the results of the Inspectorate’s actions with regard to false scholarship holders. The jobs that emerged in 2019 are 1,193, or 166% more than in 2018, which means a liquidation for Social Security of 4.5 million euros, 169% more.

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